Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 8th

Isaiah loving his swing So Thursday morning we woke and waited for insurance to approve our tests and then headed to BMH to get the tests done. Thank you Pam for watching Joshua while I took Isaiah. We had a ex-ray and RSV test and then waited ALL day to find out results The medical field does not move without a fire under them .... I called numerous times and finally got an answer . No pneumonia and no RSV. WHEWW.... The Dr said he had bronchitis. So he has to have 4 breathing treatments a day and continue the antibiotics for his ear infection. Please pray my little gets better!!Just a side note Joshua got in big trouble on Thursday night, He was taking a bath and my sister and I were cleaning the kitchen after dinner. I go in to check on him and the floor is SOAKED. I mean it was soaked there was water splashes in the hall way, on the toilet paper roll,wall,mirror, window, and both rugs weighed about 20 pounds a piece. Yes I was extremely mad and he got a big spank-in'. but when I asked what happened and why he decided to play water wars in the bath room he said crying with real tears "It wasn't me!!!". It wasn't you I said then who was it . "It was the sink Mommy I promise". I told him that it is not OK to lie to Mommy and whether it was the sink or Joshua he was still getting a spank-in'... So after cleaning up a bathroom full of water it was just in time to give mister Isaiah his bath and start all over!!!

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