Saturday, January 10, 2009


Who cares what other people think!!! I know that we are all human and have different very DIFFERENT ways of living our lives!!! But seriously who cares. If you are happy then you should be happy for others if your not you have big problems.I believe it is the people that look down upon the way others CHOOSE to live life or raise their kids are the ones that are truly not happy with the way they are living or raising theirs . If you were happy with your life you wouldn't care about mine. Right? It is FREE country and you can do whatever you would like. Without being judged. I know that I try very hard not to judge others . It is difficult task sometimes... But it is the right thing to do . I don't agree with some of my friends/family parenting styles, life styles, or even fashion styles haha. But that does not mean that I should judge them, talk about them or even belittle them . I just feel like I have a very diverse group of friends and sometimes it is hard to hear comments about what I do or how I do it!!.You are not my judge and believe me sister you don't wanna be. It is hard job and there is only one man that is in charge of that task!!!!If you are reading today believe me when I say I don't judge you for any life choices you make.I love you for who you are and if I didn't we wouldn't be friends. So please don't judge me for mine. There are many ways to live life and you choose how you wanna live yours.You choose what to do with your spare time,and who you spend your spare time with,what church you want to attend, who you VOTE for,what social groups you are involved in,what BLOGS you wanna write or read and why you wanna write and read them!, what school you send your kids to, what your kids eat,who your kids play with, what TV shows or if any at all they watch, and last but you know certainly not least around here in this 'cult' LOL is who raises them all day!!It is ALL your choice,and it is most certainly mine!You know my MOTTO.That is the beauty of it, we can all make different choices,vote for different presidential candidates and still be friends! So please just love each-other and try not to judge one another about the small stuff just be happy and be glad that we have the freedom to choose and have good friends to share those choices with .Right or wrong that is not for YOU or ME to decide! We should all be able to share our lives with one another with out worry about being judged,hearing any sarcastic comments, or the 'F' Bomb! Just a thought?


Anonymous said...

Hey I know where this is all coming from. Way to go girl!!!
FYI I am also updating my blog.

Michele said...
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Mish said...

Hey Sarah, Love you, Love your blog. Being a stay at home mom can sometimes feel like a thankless job. It can be hard to pat yourself on the back when the woman you see in the mirror has greasy hair and something gross dried on the front of her t-shirt. Grade school will come and you will start to be able to come up for air.(and take a regular shower) You are giving your children the greatest gift of all. The gift of you, and they don't even notice the gross stuff on your t-shrt.

Anonymous said...

who said the f bomb. I must have missed that. You know I am just joking about the cult thing. I like mops I just felt some of the things that were being preached didn't fit me. I dunno maybe someday I'll go to another group and like it. I definitly didn't mean to offend anyone, I agree you have your ways I have mine and if you don't like it screw you, it doesn't make my day any different.

Anonymous said...

I thought BLOG was a 4 letter word!

Love you,
I am going to buy you a CULT t-shirt for your bday.
Remember them?
Love ya

Ashley said...

Tell it sister. You know what is best for you, your children, and your family. You are doing an amazing job and no matter what anyone's opinion, they have never been in your actual shoes...soooo, tell em' to shove an organic biscuit in it! :)

Anna said...

u rock my sister!! I really don't know where all that heat came from the other night but I do completely agree with your comments. We need to support each others actions not berate them. So with every fiber of my being..... I want u to know I have your back!!

your fellow cult member,