Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jan 13th

Tuesday Raima had to go to CPR class. Went to Walgreens for a new antibiotic for myself..... the other one just did not work....... to the bank and then.... then to the cigarette store for Pappy's Skoal..We waited for daddy to get home then we headed out to Rick and Linda's for dinner. Rick is one of Raima's friends he used to work with and Linda is..... well if you know Linda.. Then I don't have to say any more. She is my friend. They BBQ'd Tri-tip and and we had a lot of fun after dinner we played scattergories and Joshua had a blast that house has SO SO many toys. The boys were so tired when we got home. Joshua fell asleep on the couch and we put Isaiah on his chest for a quick photo for Mom.

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