Friday, January 16, 2009

Jan 16th

Friday I packed up Joshua and My sister LInda came and got him and took him with her to Trona...They are going to visit Granny and PaPA for the entire weekend.
SWEET I know!!! I slept in this morning and woke up and made Raima breakfast. Packed his lunch and dinner and he was off for his last day on a four day hitch ... WHOO HOO.. I love it when he gets to be home with us for 4 whole days. Pam came over this morning and we labeled some flyers for our MOPS fundraiser . We are having a fundraiser for ADORABLES. They dress your children in cute clothing and take their pictures. Last year we did Antiquities. They were kinda antique looking and one thing in the picture was in color. This year they are SUPER cute. They are in color not antique and they take pictures in pajamas, tuxedos, formal attire. A variety. So if you would like to purchase a coupon for $10.00 to get them done let me know. The 10.00 includes a 10x13 and your sitting fee. I talked to Joshua on the phone and he having a blast tin Trona. He went out to the horse corrals and climbed a big mountain,rode a horse, played in the dirt and got all muddy and he is now home eating macaroni and cheese with his granny . he is a happy boy and I am so excited he is there. I can remember going to the horse corrals when I was a kid and playing on the same mountain. Trona is where I was raised and my Mom and Dad still live there. It brings back so many great memories. I am glad that Joshua will have some of those same memories in his childhood. I love Trona and Granny and PaPa. They were Fabulous parents and even better Grandparents.

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