Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Today we woke up BRIGHT and early and went to MOPS.It is a day I look forward to for sure!I love to hang out with other stay at home moms and fellowship!We had an all men panel today. We asked lots of questions abouthow men think, what makes them happy ECT!We made chicken noodle soup in a bag for our craft!After MOPS we went to Small Change a local used children's store.If any of you have never been PLEASE GO!I think everyone got rid of their stuff from Christmas cleaned out closets or something!I have never seen that place so packed with stuff.I spent 22.00 and got a bunch!I bought Isaiah some 9 months sleepers Yes 9 month.He is such a little chunker and Joshua some more Power Rangers figures cause that is just would he needed after Christmas, but for 29 cents you really can't say no and some other things for the baby!Any how I just thought I would let you know that Small Change is on the East side.Auburn abd colombus has some great deals and GOOD STUFF!!!!


Anna said...

cute post :) the "tagged" part of the award means you can't pass it on to anyone who has already gotten the award - but sometimes that's hard to know....... Bottom Line - my friend is.....You really don't have to do anything with the award if you don't want to :) I was just passing it on.... In the serious blogging land.. people hand out these awards and you are supposed to display them on your blog as a form of advertisement .... (if that's your thing...) I personally choose not to do so... I just pass them on and let people do what they want to do with it. So no worries.... you can just take it as a compliment or you can pass it on?
Here's a funny... my security word to type in is "butmolve" yuck !! where do they come up with this stuff?

Cheeziemommie said...

I'm so excited that you're gonna do Project 365! Wootwoot!
Ok I used to go to small change all the time when I lived over there and even sold some of my kids stuff. But I started thinking she was kind of over priced. Maybe she's changed? I love consignment stores :) Have you ever shopped at Little Feet Repeats?