Friday, November 28, 2008


Tuesday was great we hung out at my mom's and visited and the kids played outside.. Wednesday Pappy fell in the bathroom and I took him to the Ridgecrest E.R . He fractured a rib and is in a lot of pain. While I was away Isaiah would not take the bottle for Daddy or Granny but Auntie Terry came up for the rescue... He finally gave in and took the bottle and went to sleep.. Poor little guy!!! Then Linda, Jarod and Jaime arrived Wednesday night just in time for a big pot of homemade chili... We were happy to see them . Thursday was fabulous We have a lot to be thankful for.. There were over 50 people at our dinner this year I am also Thankful for #1.My Fabulous husband who works very hard so I am able to comfortably stay home and raise our family. 2. We have two wonderful healthy boys.
3. My grandfather is a healthy 91 yr old and is a blessing most everyday you did see I put most everyday LOL 4.My dad is on his way to recovery and a loving mother who helps him recover daily.5.last but certainly not least a Lord that listens and answers daily prayer. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Home for the holiday!!!!!

Sunday we woke up and packed our car for Trona.... I am so excited to be home for Thanksgiving. It is a small family reunion on Thanksgiving for our family.... I look foward to it all year!! Joshua loves to come see Granny and PaPa and Lord knows they love to see him and Isaiah. My mom has just ate him up every since we have been here. Isaiah had a good trip he slept the whole way and so did Joshua after he sang and talked and kicked the back of my seat . We made it safe and are glad to be here. We hung out here all day my aunt and cousins all came up and held Isaiah, Joshua went out to Terry's and played all day . It was a good day . Tomorrow we are going in to the big city of Ridgecrest to pick up the birth annoucements my friend Carrie Lawhorn made for me . Thanks Carrie!!!!I LOVE THEM !! and we are shopping for a gift for the gift exchange on Thanksgiving. We always do a fun white elephant on thanksgiving. Not much to say in the small town of Trona not much really going on ... Until next time .. SARAH

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Living day by day

Wednesday was supper club and I made Sliders and Pumpkin dip...Thursday Griselda came and if you don't know who Griselda is you SHOULD!!! She is my housekeeper and I love her!!! She is fabulous.. I love it when she cleans our house. It is so relaxing to know that everything is clean. I get so much more done knowing that Griselda is coming to clean and I don't have to worry about it . I always tell my husband when we look over our budget Griselda is #1. I can live without anything else but not without Griselda....A clean home is a happy home.. My cousin Mona and her son Brooks came over thursday to stay the night He had Knee surgery here in Bakersfield they live in Ridgecrest. It was so nice to see her. She just loved Isaiah. She gave him a bath and put to sleep . Held him the whole time she was here......Thursday was a minimum day so I had to pick up Joshua at 10:30-am so after I picked him up we went to Target to go shopping. I found 5 shirts for $3.74 each.. What a bargain. We bought daddy some new slippers for $9.00.. We love Target. It is so cute right when we pull up to park Joshua says. Mom do I get to buy a toy or no toy? . Mom yes or no? He wants to know before we go in if I am going to buy him something if I am going to get him a toy he wants to walk,if I am not buying him a toy he wants to ride in the cart. He is good If I tell him no toy he doesn't ask for one. Anyhow shopping with 2 boys is much different than shopping with only 1. I was in and out because I didn't want Isaiah to wake up . Joshua said Mommy we went fast in Target huh? He is used to taking our time and buying popcorn and a slushy. HAHA...Not any more!!! Not for awhile!!!! Friday Pappy was not feeling very good He was having a hard time breathing and kinda sounded like he had pneumonia.. I made him an appointment and took him to the Dr. at 12p. He had a chest ex-ray and they gave him a shot of steroids and some antibiotics. He is feeling better today. Now that was a trip I had a 5 week old , a 4 yr. old and a 91 yr. all in the Dr. office. I have one that forgets to breathe and one that is having a hard time breathing and one that wants me to to choke him until he stops breathing.....That was a long day a the dr. and radiologist.... Today is Saturday and we are watching cartoons and packing for Trona!!! We will be gone 6 days .. I can't wait to see my mom and dad...My mom can hardly wait to see Isaiah she hasn't seen him since he was 6 days old .... She calls everyday to check on him and she is so excited to see him...I am in charge of appetizers for our Thanksgiving feast for 50 people.... YES Nikki there is 50 people in Trona HAHA.. any ideas on appetizers for a crowd let me know... Until next time my friends!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday Raima took Joshua and his little friend Anthony that lives next door fishing. They went out to Ming lake. He caught one fish. He said the boys had more fun playing with the worms than they did fishing!!!! It was a very busy day for me . I had a DR apt. I went to Winco with Isaiah to do grocery shopping. I drove to Traders Joes to pick up a fresh turkey and a donation that they made to our MOPS group. I went to Albertsons to but the Monday Meal Deal . I had to call United Airlines for my sister. I was busy all day . CoCo came over for dinner tonight and brought the gift card from Vons that they donated to our MOPS group. It was very nice to spend time with her after such a busy day . She gave Isaiah a bath and hung out until bedtime. I called all the girls to remind them of our meeting it was my tables turn to provide food. We prepared a Thanksgiving feast. I made the turkey . My first turkey ever and it came out Fabulous. Super moist and tasty I was very proud. I also made a red velvet cake. MOPS was nice today Sue spoke on teaching your toddlers about money and tips about how to handle our own money . Very informative. I learned a lot today . Reflections ministry also came and spoke. We made home made coasters and shared great ideas about how we can save money this holiday and make our own gifts. I shared. My homemade soup jars, a scrapbook, homemade card, decorated paint can, and bath salts. After MOPS, I came home and tried to take a nap and hang out with Raima before he went back to work. Then tonight was Book-club . The 3rd Tuesday of every month we meet at the local scrapbook store to share what we have made for the month and hang out with other scrap-bookers to share techniques and ideas. It is always fun to see what the other ladies have created. Tomorrow is supper club and I am making turkey sliders. I am going to fry ground turkey and wrap them in puff pastry and bake until brown . Nikki showed me how to make them on Sunday. I am also serving Pumpkin Dip with Gingersnaps. I got the recipe off Scrap-n-away blog. It is seriously delicious......... Joshua is doing good in school Raima volunteered in his class today and had a blast with all those 3 and 4 year olds. I am glad he like to go to school with Joshua because personally it is no fun for me a. It is a Co-op preschool . He attends 5 days a week from 8 - 11:30 and we have to volunteer twice a month . Raima enjoys spending time in the class he is such a good dad!!!! My strengths I guess are in different areas NOT the class room ... LOLOL.... Until next time ..... Praying for April and Family . Praying for Klyee to be healed!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yesterday we went to CALM . It is the California living Museum. We had a lot of fun . Joshua loved the bears and the snakes and he played on the playground for a while. Then we came home and Auntie Nikki came over with Chocolate-cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. I just love when she comes with goodies. She is a very good cook and and baker. We all went to the
China-man's for dinner or at least that it was Pappy calls it. It is Panda Palace on Wible. They have very good food. We had a full van . Myself, Raima, Joshua, Isaiah, Nikki, and Pappy. Then we came home and rented Just add Water. It is a movie about Trona. My home town. Not a very good movie. but it was filmed in Trona and Nikki and Raima gave me a hard time the whole night. But I'm from Trona couldn't be prouder so WHATEVER. LOL... Today is church and Olive garden I asked Raima if he could please take me to Olive garden I haven't been there in so long. Isaiah is doing ok. His machine went off 3 times last night. Kinda scary but I am thankful that I have that machine. When he stops breathing we just have to stimulate his feet or hands and he remembers to breathe again. Joshua slept on our floor last night UGH . I swear that kid is going to be sleeping on our floor when he is in high school . He starts out in his own bed but around 4 or 5-am he finds his way to our floor. He makes his little bed on the floor with blankets and pillows. Then finsihes up his night in our room Well I better go get ready for Church .

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gotta Go!!!!

Yikes....... No post in 4 days ........ Well I read a lot of blogs and they are fun and exciting and informative. Mine is NOT!!!! More like a daily journal for myself although I would love for you to read.... Lets see Sunday Raima was home and we BBQ'D Ribs and I made south western eggs rolls and Nikki came over to play Yahtzee!!! I won 3 out of 5 I have always been QUEEN of the dice. I need to go to Vegas.... Monday started another week of ROUTINE something I don't care for ... School, feedings, changing, dinner, baths, bed, not sleeping..You Know!!! Raima went fishing all morning and NOTHING!!!!!!!!! He caught NOTHING HAHAHA.. He said it was because I didn't tell him Bye Whatever I say it's because He sucks .. LOl . Don't tell him I said that He really is a good fisherman... Tuesday Raima back to work and we went to the Veterans parade very interesting the first Veterans day parade I had a been to. We left there proud to be Americans that for sure.. Wednesday Supper club and Isaiah to the DR for 1 month check up.. Yikes it has already been a month . He weighs 11 lb. 3-oz and is in the 75%. He is 22 1/4 long and a 39 inch head. He is getting big quick. Dr. Bhogal said I have pure gold comin' out of these chee chee's, He can hold his head up for a little while and is looking me right in the face.. He can finally see me. I just start to cry every time he looks at me and smiles he doesn't know he is smiling yet but I like to think he does... Wednesday was a little hectic . Phone ringing , door bell chiming, baby crying, rice burning, laundry washing, dishes dirty, Mommy sick and Joshua needing extra attention.... Ugh it was a long day. I swear every one and their dog wanted to call me yesterday and sell us something. Neighborhood kids wanting to play, Isaiah hungry and wet, Supper club bought, made and delivered before 4 o'clock, laundry to be done and folded and put away, Lots of dishes from cooking for 4 families, and after all that I have the worst cold and cough ..... Please Pray I get better quick !!!Today was better although Isaiah did catch mommy''s cold and he is a little congested and has a cough. April came over tonight. We had Pizza and salad and the kids played while we attempted to talk and watch some T.V. We didn't get very far in conversation or any shows finished but did enjoy watching the kids play and laugh. So there is my week all summed up in a little paragraph and I am super tired and I have 57 thanks you's to send out and I only have 14 done so I have to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah go to and search free book . click on yesterdays show, it will take you to snap fish book offer and there is a free 8x11 book for free . You have to pay shipping. But very good deal OK BYE!!!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Haloween 2008

Just taught myself how to put pictures on my Blog.. YEAH !!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Where did the week go??? Tuesday We Rocked the VOTE!!!! Joshua, Pappy and I went to East Hills Mall to Vote for President then straight to Starbucks for our free coffee. The lady at Starbucks asked my son who he voted for and he told her his Mommy . Whew We would be in some serious trouble if I was leading this country LOL... .. Tuesday night, We have our first african american president . Barack Obama!!!!!Tuesday was also MOPS and we had a CHP come out and talk to us about self defense and safety. interesting and educational. Wednesday started another round of doctor visits for Isaiah. We went in to get circumcised finally . No he isn't going to Kindergarden yet! LOL.... When they circumcised him he would not stop bleeding my poor little man was in the surgery room for 1 whole hour . SCREAMING!!!!! I could not do anything and it was killing me. finally after an hour they brought me my son and he was exhausted and hungry .. He latched on for about 3 minutes and he was OUT!!!! He slept all day he nursed one more time at 4 o'clock and he was OUT again . Needless to say he was up all night eating because he slept all day. Thursday we had to go back to get bandage removed and more put on. Then I went to CTMH. I finally got to see Cindy's scrapbook room .WOW... Loved it!!! and we made the cutest Christmas cards. Today I attended the oral language festival at standard school. Caleb ( my nephew)participated he is moving on to the finals and He did AWESOME!!!! We went back to the doctor today and they removed all bandages and would like to recheck him next Wednesday. It looks good and he is brand new man !! !!! Friday night and We made EGG-ROLLS.. YUMMY-!!!. They were very good. We are just hanging out tonight and enjoying each-other. Dad and Josh played football in the front yard until it got dark and now they are watching a movie. Isaiah is doing the dishes !! Yeah I wish LOL... and Pappy just finished off the last piece of carrot cake I made yesterday . Tomorrow YARD SALE CITY YEAH !!!!!! I can't wait I am leaving at 5:30 am and we (my sisters and I ) are going Yard Saling... I am so exciting . then we are going to see new movie The secret life of bees and pedicures after movie. Dad is keeping both kids all day and I have enough milk in the freezer if any other nursing mom wants to drop there kid off they can . LOL.. I have Butt Load...Until next time .

Monday, November 3, 2008

Time Change

Time change ..... Don't you love it is was like dark before 6 last night..... I love the time change. Saturday we went to King Leo's for Joshua's 4th birthday and We had a lot of fun . That is our new birthday spot for sure ..Cheap...Close and Fun!!! My kind of party ... He had fun.. Thanks to every one that came and all the gifts we love our friends and and family ... Yesterday we spent the whole day opening all his new toys and putting away new clothes and cleaning the house. We did all the laundry to make this week easy... Ray will be at work until thursday... UGH . We were supposed to get Isaiah circumcised this morning at 9-am but our insurance was all messed up with the wrong group name and wrong PCP.. All went into effect Nov. 1st so I spent my morning on the phone with blue cross fixing all that . Our new appt. is Friday ... Poor guy he is going to go to kindergarden before he gets his poki cut.. Friday we also have our first parent teacher conference at school.. I will let you know how that goes LOL . MOPS tomorrow.... I have a whole box of dishes to return from all the YUMMY meals that were delivered last month.. again thank you to everyone that brought us meals it was truly a Blessing. Well things are movin' and a groovin'' here at the Lefotu Lounge and we are off to another adventurous week . Isaiah is getting big and eating SO much . Joshua is 4 years old and a great big brother . Mommy is finally catching up on some sleep, Pappy is still walking everyday and smoking a pipe, cigarettes and chewing tobacco in between his breathing treatments...LMAO and our Daddy is still working hard so I can stay home a raise This Fabulous Family ..... Until next time friends !!!!!