Saturday, January 31, 2009


Making Sugar cookies with Mom and Auntie NikkiSaturday we woke up and Linda came over so I could run to the bank and then I came home and we went to get a BoBa. Me,Linda,Joshua and Isaiah. Then we went to Manny's and Winco. We came home put away groceries and had Panda Express. Nikki came over in the evening and we made heart and snowman sugar cookies and decorated them. Joshua loved it. We had to make him stop playing Smash brothers, but once he started helping with cookies we all had a good time!!! Tomorrow is Superbowl and we would like the Cardinals to win but the Steelers will probably take it!!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Jan 30th

Auntie Nikki and her weekend baby buddy Raima went back to work and Joshua and I went to Joseph's for lunch. Nicole works the lunch shift there and Joshua was so excited to see Coco. After we left Joseph's, we went to a couple of stero shops to see if I could get my CD player fixed.I did not get it fixed but I did find a shop that would put a new one in for a reasonable price. We went to Coco's for a little while after the stero shops and hung out with the Melson crew. We came home and Nikki came over and we played the WII.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jan 29th

turning the living room into a fort of blankets. We had a really nice day at home and played all day. Built forts,watched cartoons,ate popcorn and colored in our coloring book.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today is my cooking day and I am making Big Harv's famous Bacon and Tomato noodles and Garlic bread. Isaiah is feeling a lot better he is also sleeping better too. Last night he slept from 12 am until 7 am WOW.. That is 7 hours... We needed it . He woke and nursed and went right back to sleep for another 2 hours. So I finally got to sleep in for once this week. Raima volunteered in Joshua class this morning, I just got back from Albertsons and I am going to go do my supper club. The photo for today is the sign you see when you enter our home it says the Lefotu Aiga and the means the lefotu family in Samoan ...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jan 27th

Tuesday I went to MOPS leadership meeting and bible study. We discussed the leadership conference in Tennessee this September and I am so excited. I came home and talked to Raima. I think I am going to go. It is in Nashville. Can't wait. I just have to find a babysitter for 1 out of the 5 days I will be gone. So let me know if I have any volunteers LOL.. I will probably ask my #1 Babysitter Linda. So I hope you are free in September Linda??...Raima went to a passport class and then he went fishing ALL day , He went to Buena Vista and had no luck then he went to the Aqueduct and caught a striper. .STILL working on Mickey's for the party...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun Trip

This morning I woke up early again WOW that is 3 in row kinda scary.I volunteered in Joshua's class.... I took my Cricut in the class this morning and Miss Trinidad loved it. I cut out hearts,shapes and little awards for the classroom...She also sent me home with some paper to do some other projects for her and the time I spend at home cutting counts towards volunteer time . YEAH ....In Joshua's class we played play-doe,alphabet puzzles, and Doggie Doggie where's your bone . Joshua was super happy I went and I was glad I did. Linda ame over and worked out on the WII Fit. She has been coming and working out every night...Tomorrow is MOPS leadership meeting and bible study. I finished up my study tonight and I am ready for the 4th day in a row to get up early and go to MOPS... WOW Carrie you should be proud this week early to bed and early to rise!!! .... I will probably sleep in on Wednesday because Raima is off and he can get Joshua ready for I am staying home to do supper club...Thanks again Katie for the fun trip!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jan 24th

Saturday I woke early LOL and went to Carries for a fun day . We hung out and the kids played . They clearly have a lot of fun toys and stuff... Because I don't think I even saw my son until it was time to go to Bubba's tacos? He loves the pumpkin ladies house,and so do I . It is a very friendly home. You can take you shoes off and relax- a no worry kind of place.. I took some pointers for sure...Joshua wants to come every Saturday Carrie and you obviously don't care so see ya Saturday !!!LOL... We went to lunch with Tiffany and kids who also came out for our playdate-scrapbook-help day!!! Then I went to Michael's for a some shopping.. I bought 2 new cartridges.. YEAH I don't have to borrow Paper dolls every week April . I have my own. I also bought the Disney cartridge so I can do some Mickey's for Manoah's party and get started on my Disney album that I have been putting off for the four years of Disney trips.. love my Cricut. I do lots of School projects,scrapbooking and lots of fun stuff!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Jan 23rd

Miss Pam picks up Joshua every day for Pre-school and I pick both of kids up after school.Today it was raining and of course he wanted to take his umbrella to school. Thanks Pam..So there is this gal in the scrapbook meet-up offering tickets to fellow meet-up girls for CHA. My friend Miss Katie came over to visit today and told me about it and she emailed the girl and we are SO going to CHA on Sunday . I called the convention center and I can bring Isaiah as long as he is in a front carrier the whole time. So excited I can hardly wait.... So I had a rather rough night last night Isaiah is congested again. So he was up most of the night because he couldn't breathe out of his nose and you know infants if they can't breathe out of their nose they think they can't breathe at all..... So I picked Joshua up from school today and Miss Pam picked up Megan to take her to Libby Lou. How fun it is that.It is days like today having a girl would be fun!!By the way if you do have a little girl everything is 1/2 price and the make overs a crazy cheap like $8.00 or something...So go to Libby Lou in the Valley Plaza... I know Daddy wants a little girl .. Maybe soon ?? Yeah right?? I came home and tried to clean my house just a little before Miss Katie came , but I couldn't get anything done, Between Joshua and Isaiah . When Katie knocked on the old door she found ME. A messy living room, a sink full of dishes from breakfast,a dirty shirt, and greasy hair . Hope you still love me Katie LOLOL.. At least Isaiah was nice a clean and dressed and Joshua went to school and My kids were happy . I guess that is all that matters. I happy home is a messy home sometimes...We had a great day ,great conversation and a great lunch OOPPS. not a lunch sorry Katie and not even a drink offered I am so bad next time just open up my cabinets and make your own LOLOL. I was so busy talking about CHA ,nursing Isaiah, trying to play Ben 10 for Josh and laughing with you I let you go thirsty!!!! Love you and glad we were able hang out today . Tomorrow is Saturday MY favorite day of the week. We are doing a whole lot of nothing!!! We are going to take a cruise out to Carrie's to see her scrapbooks and pictures on the wall. I need some serious inspiration for my kids pictures on the wall. I have a hard time with that so I am going to check out her house so I can maybe get some ideas!!!See you tomorrow Carrie. Hopefully before 11-am LOL...... Well I am off to have a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jan 22nd

Woke up this morning it was a minimum day so I picked up the kids at 10:25 am and then I dropped off miss Megan and headed home to feed Isaiah and play a couple of games of Mario Cart with Joshua. Then we went to Manny's discount grocery on 19th and Baker.. I love that store. If you are looking for great deals on pantry items IE. Canned goods, boxed stuff, spices, baby stuff. That store is awesome it is hit and miss sometimes the shelves are super stocked and sometimes they have very little. I always find something that is a great deal. I am a stockpiler on my pantry items... If you read the Grocery Game it will tell you it is a great way to save money and time. Stockpiler, coupon clipper,ad reader,bargain finder. I love it . Being a stay at home mom with one income.... we are on a grocery budget so I find it a challenge and super fun to get the best deal on what ever I buy. It saves us money. I am ALL about saving our money and getting a great bargain at the same time. So if you wanna a great bargain stop by Manny's and do some stockpiling for your self... We left Manny' s and went home to get Eve's dinner from yesterday. She was out of town so I delivered her meal today.. Then we went to Star-bucks again another place I love to save money. I do surveys and get online specials for free coffee. I can enjoy a free cup of Joe and Joshua a hot chocolate for $1.10 . Then we went to Green Frog for milk and eggs Egg-lands best eggs were on sell. I love Egg-lands best . I always thought that and egg was an egg but buy Egg-lands best and you will quickly change your mind. We came home and Linda came over and we worked out on the WII fit. I am so sore. I have been working out for 4 days now and whoopee.. I can feel it . Oh WOW I ended my night with ICHAT . My Best friend I'lovea from Nipomo bought a MAC and she is now on ICHAT. We had so much fun tonight talking and she was able to see Isaiah for the first time. We shared pictures and talked forever. Love you VEA.... I am growing to love this computer and the things that are possible with . It has a great scrap-booking program that I just found yesterday... So I know I haven't had too many good things to say about this computer but I am starting to LOVE it !!! Tootalou--- See you tomorrow Katie. Can't wait for you to meet Isaiah !!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jan 21st

Today we woke up and yes it is cooking day so I made a rock-in beef sew and corn bread . When Raima picked Joshua up from school they went to the dump and then to get daddy a fishing license.. I took Isaiah to picture people to get some Valentines pictures . The are stinkin' adorable...We ended the evening watching President Obama's Inauguration..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan 20th

Tuesday morning I woke and went to MOPS . I left Isaiah home with Raima. and had a fabulous day there. We learned about lion's, beaver's, otter's and "Goat's" (golden retriever's) LOL... Personality test and then played a fun game of family feud . The bottom wipers VS The tantrum tamers ... The tantrum tamers took the prize.. My fiend and stay at home mom Terasa Spears came and loved it . I am glad you were there sister and hope to hook up soon for a play date . ..Tuesday my friend Ilovea called me from Nipomo and told me about the free cosmetics and Macy's and Gottchalks... You know this girl LOVES FREE.. So I was off to see what I could find. Ralph Lauren Romance,clinque moisture surge.. Loved it !!!Then Tuesday evening I went to book-club.. I almost missed it LOL.... We received a nice kit with Glimmer mist..

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jan 19th

He had all his gear on today. Spiderman helmet,skates,knee pads and all.... He loves to play outside!!today was a holiday and we didn't do much Raima and Joshua went shopping and to get hair cuts and Isaiah and Mommy stayed home and scrap-booked. See what happens when the scrapbook room is all clean . Progress.... Monday evening CoCo and Caleb came over to cut out letters for Caleb's science fair and Wayne came over to help with the report. Raima bbq' d hamburgers for everyone. April and the kids stopped by to visit. We had a house full... It was fun... We like it like that ! We finished the science fair board and cleaned up from dinner and then after everyone left, me and raima hooked up the WII Fit and started our profiles and played a couple of games .. Good Times.. WII Fit is so hard my muscles are achy.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jan 18th

Sunday was spent ALL day cleaning the scrap book room and hanging out at home with Raima. around 6pm we headed to Moe's for a bbq and ended up staying until 2 am playing the WII. Joshua arrived back home safe and sound Sunday evening.Isaiah was in his car seat ready to go to UNcle Moe's.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jan 17th

So today I am going to try and clean my scrapbook room and get some scrap-booking done and like always finish LAUNDRY and Nikki is coming over tonight with take and bake pizza and we are going to play the WII...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jan 16th

Friday I packed up Joshua and My sister LInda came and got him and took him with her to Trona...They are going to visit Granny and PaPA for the entire weekend.
SWEET I know!!! I slept in this morning and woke up and made Raima breakfast. Packed his lunch and dinner and he was off for his last day on a four day hitch ... WHOO HOO.. I love it when he gets to be home with us for 4 whole days. Pam came over this morning and we labeled some flyers for our MOPS fundraiser . We are having a fundraiser for ADORABLES. They dress your children in cute clothing and take their pictures. Last year we did Antiquities. They were kinda antique looking and one thing in the picture was in color. This year they are SUPER cute. They are in color not antique and they take pictures in pajamas, tuxedos, formal attire. A variety. So if you would like to purchase a coupon for $10.00 to get them done let me know. The 10.00 includes a 10x13 and your sitting fee. I talked to Joshua on the phone and he having a blast tin Trona. He went out to the horse corrals and climbed a big mountain,rode a horse, played in the dirt and got all muddy and he is now home eating macaroni and cheese with his granny . he is a happy boy and I am so excited he is there. I can remember going to the horse corrals when I was a kid and playing on the same mountain. Trona is where I was raised and my Mom and Dad still live there. It brings back so many great memories. I am glad that Joshua will have some of those same memories in his childhood. I love Trona and Granny and PaPa. They were Fabulous parents and even better Grandparents.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan 15th

So Thursday I went out to Marlene's to see her new house and stayed AWHILE. Her house is amazing. She got a great deal in a good neighborhood and what matters most is her husband,herself and the 2 kids are so happy to be in their own home. I love it when I see a friend so happy !!! Congratulations Marlene. I love your new HOME!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jan 14th

Today is cooking day and I am already done I woke up early this morning and made my artichoke salad and Raima marinated the tri-tip last night before he went to bed.. Isaiah is feeling MUCH better . He is no longer coughing and he feels so much better thank you for all the calls,messages and prayers for my little guy to get better... I still have an ear infection I started new antibiotics yesterday so hopefully it will be gone soon. Other than that things are like always movin' and groovin' and the Lefotu Lounge!!!!Where Lounging is our favorite thing to do!!! Isaiah had a bath after dinner. He is feeling a lot better.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jan 13th

Tuesday Raima had to go to CPR class. Went to Walgreens for a new antibiotic for myself..... the other one just did not work....... to the bank and then.... then to the cigarette store for Pappy's Skoal..We waited for daddy to get home then we headed out to Rick and Linda's for dinner. Rick is one of Raima's friends he used to work with and Linda is..... well if you know Linda.. Then I don't have to say any more. She is my friend. They BBQ'd Tri-tip and and we had a lot of fun after dinner we played scattergories and Joshua had a blast that house has SO SO many toys. The boys were so tired when we got home. Joshua fell asleep on the couch and we put Isaiah on his chest for a quick photo for Mom.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 12th

Now I just have to fold it and put it away!!!Monday Joshua stayed home from school. He has a really bad cold sore. He always gets them this time of year. Raima was off so we did some shopping. We went to Sam's Club $200.00 later.. UGH.... We also went to Walmart. Everyone knows I am not a big fan of Walmart but Raima heard that all their fishing stuff was on super clearance and he was right He got a BUNCH of fishing tackle,line,and stuff for super cheap. So if any of your husbands fish. Walmart this week for clearance. Then we were of to Game stop to buy Star Wars Clone Wars. I know I know... We told Joshua he could buy one game a month and he had some extra Christmas money so that is what he wanted... It is a really fun actually. When We got home I finished up the LAUNDRY and went to bed !!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan 11th

Worked on my blog today and hung out with Family.. Raima made dinner.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Who cares what other people think!!! I know that we are all human and have different very DIFFERENT ways of living our lives!!! But seriously who cares. If you are happy then you should be happy for others if your not you have big problems.I believe it is the people that look down upon the way others CHOOSE to live life or raise their kids are the ones that are truly not happy with the way they are living or raising theirs . If you were happy with your life you wouldn't care about mine. Right? It is FREE country and you can do whatever you would like. Without being judged. I know that I try very hard not to judge others . It is difficult task sometimes... But it is the right thing to do . I don't agree with some of my friends/family parenting styles, life styles, or even fashion styles haha. But that does not mean that I should judge them, talk about them or even belittle them . I just feel like I have a very diverse group of friends and sometimes it is hard to hear comments about what I do or how I do it!!.You are not my judge and believe me sister you don't wanna be. It is hard job and there is only one man that is in charge of that task!!!!If you are reading today believe me when I say I don't judge you for any life choices you make.I love you for who you are and if I didn't we wouldn't be friends. So please don't judge me for mine. There are many ways to live life and you choose how you wanna live yours.You choose what to do with your spare time,and who you spend your spare time with,what church you want to attend, who you VOTE for,what social groups you are involved in,what BLOGS you wanna write or read and why you wanna write and read them!, what school you send your kids to, what your kids eat,who your kids play with, what TV shows or if any at all they watch, and last but you know certainly not least around here in this 'cult' LOL is who raises them all day!!It is ALL your choice,and it is most certainly mine!You know my MOTTO.That is the beauty of it, we can all make different choices,vote for different presidential candidates and still be friends! So please just love each-other and try not to judge one another about the small stuff just be happy and be glad that we have the freedom to choose and have good friends to share those choices with .Right or wrong that is not for YOU or ME to decide! We should all be able to share our lives with one another with out worry about being judged,hearing any sarcastic comments, or the 'F' Bomb! Just a thought?

Jan 10th

Saturday I said good-bye to my house for a little while and I went to Simply Scrapbooks for a book-club crop. I had a great time with friends from the club and a nice dinner with my friend Carrie. Raima only called me home twice all day to feed Isaiah. Thanks Hubby for being a great Daddy and a good husband to me !!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 9th

Seams like I see a lot of this office lately. He still sounds a little weezy. Continue breathing treatments and we picked up his new nebulizer and returned to loaner and took him back to the Dr so she could listen to his lungs. She said he sounds about the same to continue treatments and see her back next Thursday for re-check!!! So today is Raima's last one and he will be home with us full time for 4 days YEAH!!! I am planning on trying to go to Simply Scrapbooks tomorrow and scrapbook for our book-club crop . We will see how that goes.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 8th

Isaiah loving his swing So Thursday morning we woke and waited for insurance to approve our tests and then headed to BMH to get the tests done. Thank you Pam for watching Joshua while I took Isaiah. We had a ex-ray and RSV test and then waited ALL day to find out results The medical field does not move without a fire under them .... I called numerous times and finally got an answer . No pneumonia and no RSV. WHEWW.... The Dr said he had bronchitis. So he has to have 4 breathing treatments a day and continue the antibiotics for his ear infection. Please pray my little gets better!!Just a side note Joshua got in big trouble on Thursday night, He was taking a bath and my sister and I were cleaning the kitchen after dinner. I go in to check on him and the floor is SOAKED. I mean it was soaked there was water splashes in the hall way, on the toilet paper roll,wall,mirror, window, and both rugs weighed about 20 pounds a piece. Yes I was extremely mad and he got a big spank-in'. but when I asked what happened and why he decided to play water wars in the bath room he said crying with real tears "It wasn't me!!!". It wasn't you I said then who was it . "It was the sink Mommy I promise". I told him that it is not OK to lie to Mommy and whether it was the sink or Joshua he was still getting a spank-in'... So after cleaning up a bathroom full of water it was just in time to give mister Isaiah his bath and start all over!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jan 7th

The only time today I have had to sit down and post a blog.. HUMM.... anyhow.. So as you know I keep more of a daily life journal instead of a fun blog but please join me if you like I know my mom likes it! today was cooking day as you all know and Isaiah is still sick. I made tacos, rice and beans for supper club and then I was off to deliver my meals . Right back home and off to the Dr with Isaiah. Dr. B. said he sounds a bit weazy and I needed to take him to get a ex-ray of his chest and a RSV test.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Today we woke up BRIGHT and early and went to MOPS.It is a day I look forward to for sure!I love to hang out with other stay at home moms and fellowship!We had an all men panel today. We asked lots of questions abouthow men think, what makes them happy ECT!We made chicken noodle soup in a bag for our craft!After MOPS we went to Small Change a local used children's store.If any of you have never been PLEASE GO!I think everyone got rid of their stuff from Christmas cleaned out closets or something!I have never seen that place so packed with stuff.I spent 22.00 and got a bunch!I bought Isaiah some 9 months sleepers Yes 9 month.He is such a little chunker and Joshua some more Power Rangers figures cause that is just would he needed after Christmas, but for 29 cents you really can't say no and some other things for the baby!Any how I just thought I would let you know that Small Change is on the East side.Auburn abd colombus has some great deals and GOOD STUFF!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

SHOPPING DAY!!!! Jan 5th

So I am on my way to storeWOW had to check the pantry first to see what I need??.....
french bread
corn bread mix
ckn rice a roni
pork chops
tri tip
stew meat
salad stuff
green onion
chopped olives
#3 diapers
6/9 sleepers
snow gear for Joshua
brown dress shoes for Joshua
vitamin water
sour cream
cup of noodles
water chestnuts
heinz 57
cream soup


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jan 4th

Lazy Sunday! Isaiah and I are still under the weather and Joshua went in to watch cartoons with pappy.They were both asleep when I walked in to check on him.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Today me and mommy have an ear infection.Today we spent all day caring for a sick baby.. Isaiah is SUPER sick !! He has a bad cough,runny nose,fever,and an ear infection. I am not feeling very well myself. We finally got all the Christmas deco down and put away and the clothes from Christmas put away too.Closets organized.We are going back to school tomorrow so I am trying to get organized for the new week. You all no I hate routine!Isaiah did not sleep very well last night.He didn't get to sleep sleep until about 3 am and then after that he was fussy all night.This morning we are both feeling icky and tired. So we are not doing much... Please Pray my baby boy gets better quick.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

It is going to be a long year! Today we had to take Isaiah to Pedi center on Stockdale Hwy.He was diagnosed with an ear infection.I went to Dr as well.I also have an ear infection.So we are both on antibiotics and rest!So we are hanging out,putting away Christmas stuff and enjoying each-other.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jan 1st

Well Let's see....... Christmas was Awesome... Christmas Eve We went to church and came home and let Joshua's open a few presents . We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and enjoyed our evening. We had great appetizers. I made egg-rolls and sliders. My mom and dad were here and enjoyed watching Joshua. Before we went to bed we left cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. We woke up Christmas morning and Joshua could not believe his eyes he was so excited that Santa had came. He didn't even care about the presents he was more interested in how he got down the chimney and if he liked his cookies!!! Then he started opening his gifts and Santa got him a blue power ranger he has been wanting one all season and lots of other goodies too. My Santa bought me a new wedding ring. so mom had a fabulous Christmas too..... We were going to have a nice prime rib dinner with all the trimmings but when we opened the roast it was ROTTEN YES ROTTEN EWWWW...... It was gross... So we didn't really care especially my mom and I .....Now we weren't going to spend all day in the kitchen making dinner. We just decided to have appetizers all day and hang out in our pajamas. The rotten roast created a new tradition in our family.
We are NEVER going to have a big fancy dinner and get all dressed up again.We are going to stay in our jammer's and have finger food. Works for me . It was the best Christmas EVER.... We did get our money back for the roast on the 26th .... We then packed up our van on Friday and headed for Orange County to spend Raima's vacation with his family . He only gets one true 2 week vacation a year and it always the last 2 weeks of December. I think we are going to take a family trip next and enjoy it a little more....We had a great time with his siblings and Joshua's cousins. We had a gift exchange on friday night. Saturday morning we woke up and went to High School Musical on Ice it was a great show..Then we came home and had a WII party!!!! The WII is so fun !!!! Sunday we didn't do much just hung around the house and Raima went fishing in Corona. Monday we played the WII all day and watched Jeremiah. He is so cute . Such a good boy!!!!! Tuesday Jeremiah had to go to the Dr and Lika came over and took me out to lunch and we came home and you guessed it played the WII!!!!!We were supposed to go home Tuesday evening but we got on the road and on our way home and we were so sad to leave the fun and Joshua was begging us to turn around.We DID and to Auntie Sa'a surprise we came back and decided to stay the New-Year. Glad we did. We spent New Year's Eve on the Santa Ana block and had a lot of fun.Thursday morning we woke up and drove to Long Beach and had a fabulous Brunch at Shawne and Jeff's house in Long Beach.It was SO nice. We had King crab legs, dungess crab, crab potato salad, shrimp scampi, octopus, squid, seaweed salad, shrimp pasta,raw tuna(OKA) smoked turkey legs and bbq'd chicken It was a great way to bring in the new year.We drove home after brunch and a nap.