Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jan 23rd

Who's 50?? Today is Brett's birthday. Brett is my sister Linda's boyfriend I call him her rock star boyfriend..Just for laughs. He is the drummer in a local band called Sunday Snake Oil.So Nikki is going to come over tonight and watch the boys and Raima and I are going to go to some bar in Oil-dale and watch him play and celebrate his 50th birthday with him. Happy Birthday Brett. Joshua and I cut out some stuff on the cricut and made big signs that say Happy 50th,The drummer is 50 and so on. We had a god time cutting out the stuff and making his signs. Then we headed to his party... OH my. It was a fun evening. I invited Jana and Guin to come hang out and we all had a great time listening to him play!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Jan 22

Today is friday and what to do??? We decided home made pizzas and movie rentals... Sounds fun to me! Andy,CoCo,Aidyn, Drew, and Nikki came over for some fun and Pizza. We made chicken alfredo,mushroom and cheese on pita bread. We also made pepperoni and cheese. It was a fun night. Sarah Swan came over for some help with the Cricut. She cut out giraffes and frogs as her decorations for her shower on Sunday. We also made a parking sign and a sign that said Baby Shower. It was a nice evening the kids had fun running around... We also found a big puddle of water in the scrap book room. It is coming in from the bottom of the room. UGH This is what happens when 'some guy' builds a room extension on your house for REALLY good price.. HAHA Oh Well we got some sand bags and dried out the carpet with a fan and we are back in business...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jan 21 st

So I woke up this morning and made the boys some breakfast and made a list of everything in my pantry and freezers..Yes it is time to meal plan for the month....I decided to go to Star-bucks in Barnes and Noble this morning. I met Ashley there and we hung out for a while and had lunch... She was there working on some digital stuff and I was meal planning... Ray is off and home with the boys so I planned all my meals and headed to my first stop...Manny's discount grocery. Their dents and bents will save you dollar and cents ..HAHAHA... I really do love Manny's I find great deals there WEEKLY!!! After Manny's I headed to Winco another favorite money saver! I planned meals for 18 days..

The boys are home today with Raima. They are happy because Nintendo sent our WII back today. YAY!! We have missed our WII!
We have a lot of fun playing together, especially Mario Cart. It is serious business around here when it comes to the WII battle! HAHAHA

This evening after dinner I went to my friend Shirley's house. She had a Stamp and Up party and we made 2 Valentine cards. Hung out had some yummy chicken soup and lots of girl talk fun! Those chicks are CRAZY!!

Jan 20th

Raima is off early yeah!!! The rain was so bad that they could not move the rig so he came home early...Nikki sat with the boys and we ran to Walmart and rented the Ugly Truth at Blockbuster.. pretty funny movie! A pretty normal day really.... Breakfast - clean up...lunch-clean up.....nap time. dinner...clean up then you know like 5 or 6 diapers...2 or 3 games of spider man BINGO and face-book of course... Joshua has been practicing his name and we worked on some flash cards for alphabet recognition. Isaiah is toddling around and getting into everything... He really does his own thing ALL day. He loves Yo gabba Gabba and anything Joshua does makes him laugh....