Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun Trip

This morning I woke up early again WOW that is 3 in row kinda scary.I volunteered in Joshua's class.... I took my Cricut in the class this morning and Miss Trinidad loved it. I cut out hearts,shapes and little awards for the classroom...She also sent me home with some paper to do some other projects for her and the time I spend at home cutting counts towards volunteer time . YEAH ....In Joshua's class we played play-doe,alphabet puzzles, and Doggie Doggie where's your bone . Joshua was super happy I went and I was glad I did. Linda ame over and worked out on the WII Fit. She has been coming and working out every night...Tomorrow is MOPS leadership meeting and bible study. I finished up my study tonight and I am ready for the 4th day in a row to get up early and go to MOPS... WOW Carrie you should be proud this week early to bed and early to rise!!! .... I will probably sleep in on Wednesday because Raima is off and he can get Joshua ready for I am staying home to do supper club...Thanks again Katie for the fun trip!!!!

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