Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jan 22nd

Woke up this morning it was a minimum day so I picked up the kids at 10:25 am and then I dropped off miss Megan and headed home to feed Isaiah and play a couple of games of Mario Cart with Joshua. Then we went to Manny's discount grocery on 19th and Baker.. I love that store. If you are looking for great deals on pantry items IE. Canned goods, boxed stuff, spices, baby stuff. That store is awesome it is hit and miss sometimes the shelves are super stocked and sometimes they have very little. I always find something that is a great deal. I am a stockpiler on my pantry items... If you read the Grocery Game it will tell you it is a great way to save money and time. Stockpiler, coupon clipper,ad reader,bargain finder. I love it . Being a stay at home mom with one income.... we are on a grocery budget so I find it a challenge and super fun to get the best deal on what ever I buy. It saves us money. I am ALL about saving our money and getting a great bargain at the same time. So if you wanna a great bargain stop by Manny's and do some stockpiling for your self... We left Manny' s and went home to get Eve's dinner from yesterday. She was out of town so I delivered her meal today.. Then we went to Star-bucks again another place I love to save money. I do surveys and get online specials for free coffee. I can enjoy a free cup of Joe and Joshua a hot chocolate for $1.10 . Then we went to Green Frog for milk and eggs Egg-lands best eggs were on sell. I love Egg-lands best . I always thought that and egg was an egg but buy Egg-lands best and you will quickly change your mind. We came home and Linda came over and we worked out on the WII fit. I am so sore. I have been working out for 4 days now and whoopee.. I can feel it . Oh WOW I ended my night with ICHAT . My Best friend I'lovea from Nipomo bought a MAC and she is now on ICHAT. We had so much fun tonight talking and she was able to see Isaiah for the first time. We shared pictures and talked forever. Love you VEA.... I am growing to love this computer and the things that are possible with . It has a great scrap-booking program that I just found yesterday... So I know I haven't had too many good things to say about this computer but I am starting to LOVE it !!! Tootalou--- See you tomorrow Katie. Can't wait for you to meet Isaiah !!

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