Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan 20th

Tuesday morning I woke and went to MOPS . I left Isaiah home with Raima. and had a fabulous day there. We learned about lion's, beaver's, otter's and "Goat's" (golden retriever's) LOL... Personality test and then played a fun game of family feud . The bottom wipers VS The tantrum tamers ... The tantrum tamers took the prize.. My fiend and stay at home mom Terasa Spears came and loved it . I am glad you were there sister and hope to hook up soon for a play date . ..Tuesday my friend Ilovea called me from Nipomo and told me about the free cosmetics and Macy's and Gottchalks... You know this girl LOVES FREE.. So I was off to see what I could find. Ralph Lauren Romance,clinque moisture surge.. Loved it !!!Then Tuesday evening I went to book-club.. I almost missed it LOL.... We received a nice kit with Glimmer mist..

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