Saturday, January 3, 2009


Today me and mommy have an ear infection.Today we spent all day caring for a sick baby.. Isaiah is SUPER sick !! He has a bad cough,runny nose,fever,and an ear infection. I am not feeling very well myself. We finally got all the Christmas deco down and put away and the clothes from Christmas put away too.Closets organized.We are going back to school tomorrow so I am trying to get organized for the new week. You all no I hate routine!Isaiah did not sleep very well last night.He didn't get to sleep sleep until about 3 am and then after that he was fussy all night.This morning we are both feeling icky and tired. So we are not doing much... Please Pray my baby boy gets better quick.

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Anna said...

you bet . I'm sooo sorry your "witty bitty" is sick... he's too young for that! I'm on the prayer for sure. xoxo anna HAPPY NEW YEAR!!