Wednesday, January 20, 2010

19th of Jan

Tuesday was BUSY!!!!! I woke and went to MOPS . Thank you Lord for Pajama day! That was nice because we all know I could live in my pajamas....Sue spoke on the five love languages.. We wrote in our joy and challenge journals and made flour sack cloths! We dipped cookie cutters in fabric paint and they turned out really cute. Mine was hearts for Valentine's day! I came home and Martha was workin'!! It is so nice to have a clean house. I love it when she comes. I put a beef roast in the crock pot and LInda stopped by the store on her way home to pick up some rolls(french dips..YUM!!). Linda babysat so I could go to bookclub. Bookclub was GREAT!! I laughed so hard at Debbie Launer I almost wet my pants...LOLOLOL... It was a good night out! Carrie and I stayed and chatted awhile and then home....When I got home Linda and the kids were hanging out watching Disney... The kitchen was all clean food put away! Kids happy!! Love it when she babysits.. Linda and I cried a little before she left..It is so hard to comfort each other when we are both sad..My dad's situation is confusing to us and it makes us so sad..We love you Dad! When Linda left I gotta a call from Carrie..LOL. She bought her husband Dan a Apple computer for Christmas and so now we both have Ichat!! We figured this out last night..Holy COW! That was fun! We Ichatted for a little while and made some funny effect faces at each other!! It was the perfect ending to a busy day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Saturday Sunday MOnday

Saturday my friend Eve had the BABY GIRLS!! Yes I said girlS.. She had twin girls Sarah and Emma. Congratulations Brennan and Eve. I went to Memorial hospital Saturday morning and held the babies Eve looked great and the babies were nursing and healthy..I left the hospital and went to Winco to grocery shop.$205.00 later my cart full and so is my fridge and pantry. Raima made dinner this evening..He makes the best pork chops and rice. Nikki came over to hang out and have dinner. She made brownies for dessert and we watched- I can do bad by myself-...It was a great movie.. I cried!! What's new right???

Sunday we did not go to church:( We woke up late and it had been so long since I had slept in it actually felt good! Sunday evening I took Josh to Disney's Rockin' Road show @ Rabobank. Raima went back to work and Nikki watched Isaiah while we went to the show. It was last minute planning for those of you reading and wondering"why didn't you call me?? we would have gone with you!!"...HAHA.. Joshua was watching TV and came in and said that Disney show is in BAKERSFIELD mom...HAHA I called Rabobank and they had plenty of tickets.. So we got our tickets at the booth before the show and had a great time.. He loved the show and the time together with just him and I was nice.. Thanks Nik for watching Isaiah and Thanks daddy for workin' hard in this weather so we can go to Rabobank and watch Disney ...

Monday...Oh Monday.... We have cleaned all day because you guessed it the housekeeper is coming tomorrow!! I finished laundry and picked up lots of toys,trash and mail...Oh my!! It was super windy this morning when we woke up and then it rained and rained and rained some more... So needless to say it was good day to drink hot cocoa,play on facebook and watch every Disney movie in our collection...I made potato soup for dinner it was the perfect ending to this cold,dark day... Tomorrow Martha will be here !! YAY!!! She has not been here since the second week on December so my house is SCREAMING her name!! and so am I.....

Mops in the morning and bookclub in the evening ~~ Wish me luck! I really don't want to leave hibernation but I NEED to get out of here !!


I unpacked and started some laundry. Joshua and Isaiah missed MaMa... All day they hung right by my side. We had a good day we watched Matilda and played some games... We waited for Auntie Nikki to get off work and Ray,Nikki and Joshua all went to see Avatar 3D. They said it was a awesome movie. They came home and we made brownie sundaes and hung out until bed time. It was a great day. Isaiah and I had a good time by ourselves while they went to the movies!! He is such a good boy and always smiling! Thank you to all that call and check on us during this time and offer to help. I know that I am not myself right now and I appreciate my friends and family who care ! If I haven't returned a phone call or am email it is not because I don't want to . It is hard for me to answer calls and emails when everything is in order and now that EVERYTHING is upside ALL the time it is even harder...Thanks again and continue to pray for my moms strength and for our family!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Tuesday the 12th, I packed up and headed to Trona. My sister Linda and Nicole were there for the weekend. We are trying to spread out time there so my mom is not alone with my dad. It is a lot of work and my mom does not want to be by herself. Raima stayed here with he boys...I am very grateful to have a supportive husband. He is the best! Believe me I thank the Lord for him all the time. When we (me and pappy) got to Trona my dad was sleeping.Yes pappy wanted to go to Trona so I packed up his stuff too and headed that way. My mom said he had a pretty good day. Wednesday the home health care nurse came out to change his catheter. She left and the catheter was not working...She called back later that afternoon and still no drainage. So she called the Dr. and he thought she should come back out reposition it and irrigate it to see if there was something wrong with the placement. So she came back out around 5pm and worked on it and thought it was in the right position and no blockage. So she called the Dr. and he wanted a blood panel drawn to make sure his kidneys were functioning??. Thursday morning the SAME nurse came back out and said she had done everything she could and for some reason it was not working. We called the doctor and decided that he had to go to the emergency room to get it fixed. We can not have him at home with out a working catheter. I called the ambulance and we headed to the emergency room. basically a long story short we were in the emergency room ALL day and it was finally fixed and the ambulance took him back home that evening. We got back home around 6pm. It was a very long day and my dad was exhausted and so were we. Friday morning I came back to Bakersfield and my sister Linda headed to Trona.

10th and 11th

I will start with Sunday the 10th and Yes I am back to a daily journal it is what I originally started this blog for??

Sunday I hate to say but we slept most of the day away... We woke up around 11 and went out to Chinese for lunch. Then we came back home got back in pj's and slept off and on all day. Raima had to work at Midnight. Monday I cleaned the house and Raima brought us home some lunch from Ralenes filipino cuisine(love that place). Raima went to bed and the boys and I hung out. We played some games and read some books...A pretty normal day other than the crying and depression from me. I am having a hard time dealing with this. I feel like am TOO young to not have a father. I feel like he has so much much more life to live and to see him in a hospital bed living like he is is horrible I want his suffering to be over! I love you DAD!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Year and Blogging

Whew....5 months went by too quick... I suck at blogging period!!! LOL

I tried I really did. I am not going to delete my blog but I am going to quit trying to keep up with the picture and the daily post that totally threw me off!!

I was rockin' before 365 started and I WILL NEVER attempt that project again I am still stressed out about last October.LOL

So as most of you who know me know my dad is very sick. I have been traveling to Trona alot to help my mom and to spend time with my dad.. My New Year Started in Trona with both my sisters, mom and dad. We had NEVER all been in the same place for New Years..It was nice.. We stayed in Trona until the 3rd and then came home. It is so sad to see my dad in this condition. It is the hardest thing I have ever done..

The 4th we got unpacked and PACKED!! The 5th I headed back to Trona and Raima and the boys headed to Orange County to see Grandma Rosie who is visiting from Samoa..Friday the 8th we both returned home to a LOT of laundry and much needed time together. Saturday I was Pooped! I was hanging around the house,grocery shopping for a house that had been EMPTY for weeks and had a HUGE surprise--- my best friend in the whole world showed up on my door step around 2pm. I guess she was sick of hearing me cry on the phone so she decided to come listen to it in person. HAHA.. Ve'a you were a fresh breath of air today and I love you dearly for coming and seeing me it was TOO short a visit as she was back on the road home to Nipomo by 9pm . BUt it was still a nice surprise and there is nothing in the world like hugging your best friend when you are sad..Thanks V..I love you!