Monday, November 3, 2008

Time Change

Time change ..... Don't you love it is was like dark before 6 last night..... I love the time change. Saturday we went to King Leo's for Joshua's 4th birthday and We had a lot of fun . That is our new birthday spot for sure ..Cheap...Close and Fun!!! My kind of party ... He had fun.. Thanks to every one that came and all the gifts we love our friends and and family ... Yesterday we spent the whole day opening all his new toys and putting away new clothes and cleaning the house. We did all the laundry to make this week easy... Ray will be at work until thursday... UGH . We were supposed to get Isaiah circumcised this morning at 9-am but our insurance was all messed up with the wrong group name and wrong PCP.. All went into effect Nov. 1st so I spent my morning on the phone with blue cross fixing all that . Our new appt. is Friday ... Poor guy he is going to go to kindergarden before he gets his poki cut.. Friday we also have our first parent teacher conference at school.. I will let you know how that goes LOL . MOPS tomorrow.... I have a whole box of dishes to return from all the YUMMY meals that were delivered last month.. again thank you to everyone that brought us meals it was truly a Blessing. Well things are movin' and a groovin'' here at the Lefotu Lounge and we are off to another adventurous week . Isaiah is getting big and eating SO much . Joshua is 4 years old and a great big brother . Mommy is finally catching up on some sleep, Pappy is still walking everyday and smoking a pipe, cigarettes and chewing tobacco in between his breathing treatments...LMAO and our Daddy is still working hard so I can stay home a raise This Fabulous Family ..... Until next time friends !!!!!

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