Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gotta Go!!!!

Yikes....... No post in 4 days ........ Well I read a lot of blogs and they are fun and exciting and informative. Mine is NOT!!!! More like a daily journal for myself although I would love for you to read.... Lets see Sunday Raima was home and we BBQ'D Ribs and I made south western eggs rolls and Nikki came over to play Yahtzee!!! I won 3 out of 5 I have always been QUEEN of the dice. I need to go to Vegas.... Monday started another week of ROUTINE something I don't care for ... School, feedings, changing, dinner, baths, bed, not sleeping..You Know!!! Raima went fishing all morning and NOTHING!!!!!!!!! He caught NOTHING HAHAHA.. He said it was because I didn't tell him Bye Whatever I say it's because He sucks .. LOl . Don't tell him I said that He really is a good fisherman... Tuesday Raima back to work and we went to the Veterans parade very interesting the first Veterans day parade I had a been to. We left there proud to be Americans that for sure.. Wednesday Supper club and Isaiah to the DR for 1 month check up.. Yikes it has already been a month . He weighs 11 lb. 3-oz and is in the 75%. He is 22 1/4 long and a 39 inch head. He is getting big quick. Dr. Bhogal said I have pure gold comin' out of these chee chee's, He can hold his head up for a little while and is looking me right in the face.. He can finally see me. I just start to cry every time he looks at me and smiles he doesn't know he is smiling yet but I like to think he does... Wednesday was a little hectic . Phone ringing , door bell chiming, baby crying, rice burning, laundry washing, dishes dirty, Mommy sick and Joshua needing extra attention.... Ugh it was a long day. I swear every one and their dog wanted to call me yesterday and sell us something. Neighborhood kids wanting to play, Isaiah hungry and wet, Supper club bought, made and delivered before 4 o'clock, laundry to be done and folded and put away, Lots of dishes from cooking for 4 families, and after all that I have the worst cold and cough ..... Please Pray I get better quick !!!Today was better although Isaiah did catch mommy''s cold and he is a little congested and has a cough. April came over tonight. We had Pizza and salad and the kids played while we attempted to talk and watch some T.V. We didn't get very far in conversation or any shows finished but did enjoy watching the kids play and laugh. So there is my week all summed up in a little paragraph and I am super tired and I have 57 thanks you's to send out and I only have 14 done so I have to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah go to and search free book . click on yesterdays show, it will take you to snap fish book offer and there is a free 8x11 book for free . You have to pay shipping. But very good deal OK BYE!!!!!

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