Friday, November 7, 2008


Where did the week go??? Tuesday We Rocked the VOTE!!!! Joshua, Pappy and I went to East Hills Mall to Vote for President then straight to Starbucks for our free coffee. The lady at Starbucks asked my son who he voted for and he told her his Mommy . Whew We would be in some serious trouble if I was leading this country LOL... .. Tuesday night, We have our first african american president . Barack Obama!!!!!Tuesday was also MOPS and we had a CHP come out and talk to us about self defense and safety. interesting and educational. Wednesday started another round of doctor visits for Isaiah. We went in to get circumcised finally . No he isn't going to Kindergarden yet! LOL.... When they circumcised him he would not stop bleeding my poor little man was in the surgery room for 1 whole hour . SCREAMING!!!!! I could not do anything and it was killing me. finally after an hour they brought me my son and he was exhausted and hungry .. He latched on for about 3 minutes and he was OUT!!!! He slept all day he nursed one more time at 4 o'clock and he was OUT again . Needless to say he was up all night eating because he slept all day. Thursday we had to go back to get bandage removed and more put on. Then I went to CTMH. I finally got to see Cindy's scrapbook room .WOW... Loved it!!! and we made the cutest Christmas cards. Today I attended the oral language festival at standard school. Caleb ( my nephew)participated he is moving on to the finals and He did AWESOME!!!! We went back to the doctor today and they removed all bandages and would like to recheck him next Wednesday. It looks good and he is brand new man !! !!! Friday night and We made EGG-ROLLS.. YUMMY-!!!. They were very good. We are just hanging out tonight and enjoying each-other. Dad and Josh played football in the front yard until it got dark and now they are watching a movie. Isaiah is doing the dishes !! Yeah I wish LOL... and Pappy just finished off the last piece of carrot cake I made yesterday . Tomorrow YARD SALE CITY YEAH !!!!!! I can't wait I am leaving at 5:30 am and we (my sisters and I ) are going Yard Saling... I am so exciting . then we are going to see new movie The secret life of bees and pedicures after movie. Dad is keeping both kids all day and I have enough milk in the freezer if any other nursing mom wants to drop there kid off they can . LOL.. I have Butt Load...Until next time .

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