Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yesterday we went to CALM . It is the California living Museum. We had a lot of fun . Joshua loved the bears and the snakes and he played on the playground for a while. Then we came home and Auntie Nikki came over with Chocolate-cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. I just love when she comes with goodies. She is a very good cook and and baker. We all went to the
China-man's for dinner or at least that it was Pappy calls it. It is Panda Palace on Wible. They have very good food. We had a full van . Myself, Raima, Joshua, Isaiah, Nikki, and Pappy. Then we came home and rented Just add Water. It is a movie about Trona. My home town. Not a very good movie. but it was filmed in Trona and Nikki and Raima gave me a hard time the whole night. But I'm from Trona couldn't be prouder so WHATEVER. LOL... Today is church and Olive garden I asked Raima if he could please take me to Olive garden I haven't been there in so long. Isaiah is doing ok. His machine went off 3 times last night. Kinda scary but I am thankful that I have that machine. When he stops breathing we just have to stimulate his feet or hands and he remembers to breathe again. Joshua slept on our floor last night UGH . I swear that kid is going to be sleeping on our floor when he is in high school . He starts out in his own bed but around 4 or 5-am he finds his way to our floor. He makes his little bed on the floor with blankets and pillows. Then finsihes up his night in our room Well I better go get ready for Church .

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