Monday, November 24, 2008

Home for the holiday!!!!!

Sunday we woke up and packed our car for Trona.... I am so excited to be home for Thanksgiving. It is a small family reunion on Thanksgiving for our family.... I look foward to it all year!! Joshua loves to come see Granny and PaPa and Lord knows they love to see him and Isaiah. My mom has just ate him up every since we have been here. Isaiah had a good trip he slept the whole way and so did Joshua after he sang and talked and kicked the back of my seat . We made it safe and are glad to be here. We hung out here all day my aunt and cousins all came up and held Isaiah, Joshua went out to Terry's and played all day . It was a good day . Tomorrow we are going in to the big city of Ridgecrest to pick up the birth annoucements my friend Carrie Lawhorn made for me . Thanks Carrie!!!!I LOVE THEM !! and we are shopping for a gift for the gift exchange on Thanksgiving. We always do a fun white elephant on thanksgiving. Not much to say in the small town of Trona not much really going on ... Until next time .. SARAH

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