Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday Raima took Joshua and his little friend Anthony that lives next door fishing. They went out to Ming lake. He caught one fish. He said the boys had more fun playing with the worms than they did fishing!!!! It was a very busy day for me . I had a DR apt. I went to Winco with Isaiah to do grocery shopping. I drove to Traders Joes to pick up a fresh turkey and a donation that they made to our MOPS group. I went to Albertsons to but the Monday Meal Deal . I had to call United Airlines for my sister. I was busy all day . CoCo came over for dinner tonight and brought the gift card from Vons that they donated to our MOPS group. It was very nice to spend time with her after such a busy day . She gave Isaiah a bath and hung out until bedtime. I called all the girls to remind them of our meeting it was my tables turn to provide food. We prepared a Thanksgiving feast. I made the turkey . My first turkey ever and it came out Fabulous. Super moist and tasty I was very proud. I also made a red velvet cake. MOPS was nice today Sue spoke on teaching your toddlers about money and tips about how to handle our own money . Very informative. I learned a lot today . Reflections ministry also came and spoke. We made home made coasters and shared great ideas about how we can save money this holiday and make our own gifts. I shared. My homemade soup jars, a scrapbook, homemade card, decorated paint can, and bath salts. After MOPS, I came home and tried to take a nap and hang out with Raima before he went back to work. Then tonight was Book-club . The 3rd Tuesday of every month we meet at the local scrapbook store to share what we have made for the month and hang out with other scrap-bookers to share techniques and ideas. It is always fun to see what the other ladies have created. Tomorrow is supper club and I am making turkey sliders. I am going to fry ground turkey and wrap them in puff pastry and bake until brown . Nikki showed me how to make them on Sunday. I am also serving Pumpkin Dip with Gingersnaps. I got the recipe off Scrap-n-away blog. It is seriously delicious......... Joshua is doing good in school Raima volunteered in his class today and had a blast with all those 3 and 4 year olds. I am glad he like to go to school with Joshua because personally it is no fun for me a. It is a Co-op preschool . He attends 5 days a week from 8 - 11:30 and we have to volunteer twice a month . Raima enjoys spending time in the class he is such a good dad!!!! My strengths I guess are in different areas NOT the class room ... LOLOL.... Until next time ..... Praying for April and Family . Praying for Klyee to be healed!!!!

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