Friday, October 31, 2008

A Very Long Week !!!!!

Monday was Joshua's 4th Birthday and we made some grab bags for his class . I woke extra early and took him to school to deliver the bags and my now 4 year old. Wow time flies..... After school ended we went Target to get him a birthday toy . We came home and baked him a cake and took his baby brother to the Dr to get circumcised.... While at the Dr. She noticed that Isaiah was having trouble breathing and his heart was beating extra fast . She admitted Isaiah in the hospital for 48 hour observation. I called out to God and put this all in his hands. It is out of my control and I have faith that he will take care of my little man.. Thank you to ALL that came to hospital and all that prayed. It worked. The power of prayer is something magnificent. Thank you Nicole for the email and and Thank you most for making Joshua's birthday unforgettable. I love you !!!!! I don't know what I would do without either one of my sisters. Nicole took Joshua for 3 days and made his 4th birthday fabulous . and Linda sat day and night at the hospital with us . Thank you !!!!!Isaiah has been diagnosed with periodic breathing and sleep apnea. The Dr sent us home with a monitor for his heart and lungs. Sometimes Isaiah forgets to breathe and the alarm sounds . We stimulate him by rubbing his feet or hands and he remembers to breathe again . I think he is just trying to play tricks and hold his breath.. LOL.... I have to find some way to deal. He will have to be on the monitor for probably 6 months and by then he will grow out of this. For now the Lord is taking care of him and the monitor is letting mommy get some rest. We came home from the hospital on Wednesday and it was a long night but we managed. Last night was much better.... Today is Halloween and my Little man took some pictures at Candras Fall Set-up . She posted a few . I love her and the pictures. Thanks Candra. Batman and his Daddy went trick or treating and We hung out here and passed out candy... Batman was tired early so he came home to help his brother pass out the rest of the candy . Auntie Nikki came over and he had a great night. Please continue to Pray for Isaiah and our family and Thank you again to all my FRIENDS and FAMILY for your support through A VERY LONG WEEK !!!!!!

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candra said...

I just found you!!!!!!!! (on Anna's blog) Thank you for the nice compliments, and I hope you and the babies are doing well:)