Saturday, November 22, 2008

Living day by day

Wednesday was supper club and I made Sliders and Pumpkin dip...Thursday Griselda came and if you don't know who Griselda is you SHOULD!!! She is my housekeeper and I love her!!! She is fabulous.. I love it when she cleans our house. It is so relaxing to know that everything is clean. I get so much more done knowing that Griselda is coming to clean and I don't have to worry about it . I always tell my husband when we look over our budget Griselda is #1. I can live without anything else but not without Griselda....A clean home is a happy home.. My cousin Mona and her son Brooks came over thursday to stay the night He had Knee surgery here in Bakersfield they live in Ridgecrest. It was so nice to see her. She just loved Isaiah. She gave him a bath and put to sleep . Held him the whole time she was here......Thursday was a minimum day so I had to pick up Joshua at 10:30-am so after I picked him up we went to Target to go shopping. I found 5 shirts for $3.74 each.. What a bargain. We bought daddy some new slippers for $9.00.. We love Target. It is so cute right when we pull up to park Joshua says. Mom do I get to buy a toy or no toy? . Mom yes or no? He wants to know before we go in if I am going to buy him something if I am going to get him a toy he wants to walk,if I am not buying him a toy he wants to ride in the cart. He is good If I tell him no toy he doesn't ask for one. Anyhow shopping with 2 boys is much different than shopping with only 1. I was in and out because I didn't want Isaiah to wake up . Joshua said Mommy we went fast in Target huh? He is used to taking our time and buying popcorn and a slushy. HAHA...Not any more!!! Not for awhile!!!! Friday Pappy was not feeling very good He was having a hard time breathing and kinda sounded like he had pneumonia.. I made him an appointment and took him to the Dr. at 12p. He had a chest ex-ray and they gave him a shot of steroids and some antibiotics. He is feeling better today. Now that was a trip I had a 5 week old , a 4 yr. old and a 91 yr. all in the Dr. office. I have one that forgets to breathe and one that is having a hard time breathing and one that wants me to to choke him until he stops breathing.....That was a long day a the dr. and radiologist.... Today is Saturday and we are watching cartoons and packing for Trona!!! We will be gone 6 days .. I can't wait to see my mom and dad...My mom can hardly wait to see Isaiah she hasn't seen him since he was 6 days old .... She calls everyday to check on him and she is so excited to see him...I am in charge of appetizers for our Thanksgiving feast for 50 people.... YES Nikki there is 50 people in Trona HAHA.. any ideas on appetizers for a crowd let me know... Until next time my friends!!!!

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Cheeziemommie said...

I can't believe I still haven't met your boy :( I'm a horrible friend! I'm finished with my horrendous class though so I'll have a bit more time on my hands :) Lemme know when you guys get back in town so we can make plans! David & I need a Pop 5 fix and we'd love to have you guys over this time!