Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trona for the weekend without a camera UGH

Saturday we hung out with my mom and dad and visited. We gave Isaiah a nap and my dad a nap and then we tried to clean out a couple of totes in the back room. We didn't get very far, Saturday night we went out to Aunt Carols around 4 p.m. and let Joshua play in her front yard with Aiydin and Correna and rode the Chopper and We visited outside for a while. We had Tacos for dinner and then we came home. Joshua had a lot of fun he played outside with the neighbor kids most of the time and he watched a couple of movies in the spare bedroom. My mom bought him a TV with a DVD so he could watch cartoons and PaPa could still watch his westerns and every one would be happy . Everyone was happy this weekend Yeah.

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