Sunday, February 1, 2009

No Fast Food February!!!


We are not going to eat fast food for the whole month of February! We are going to save money and calories. I have decided to try it for just a month. It is so convenient sometimes to just drive thru and pick something up for lunch or even dinner. Even if we are out and about we are going to plan ahead and figure it out. We are not going to spend our money anywhere that has a drive thru. "Yikes that includes Star-bucks." I told Raima. He said "Yep no more! Let's save our money and see what a difference it makes." We added up our fast food spending just for the month of December (It was a busy month and we traveled out of town several times) and I am embarrassed of the amount. I choose not to share. January was better but but still a lot. We are really trying to save our money and get on the right track. So today our Challenge starts and I will keep you updated on how we are doing. Anyone want to join our challenge?

If you don't think you need to maybe you should start a tracker this month it will amaze you !!! My sister Linda says she NEVER eats fast food except for a salad from Jack in Box everyday for Lunch and a occasional Chai Tea latte. We added up just her salads everyday and we figured out that $1.77 everyday Monday-Friday Equaled $8.85. For the entire year if she would put $1.77 in an envelope at the end of the year she would have $460.00 that is not including her occasional Latte. Granted she does have to eat lunch but she could save more than half that if she took leftovers and made her own salad at home. I know I spend a lot more $1.77 when I get lunch thru a drive thru. So you could image how much I would save. Go ahead except my challenge save some money and go on a mini vacation this summer.$5 or $6 every now and then added to your savings account really adds up quick.


Cheeziemommie said...

I have always wanted to try this. We are horrible at grabbing fast food WAYYYYY too much! I'll have to see if David's willing to take the challenge too :) February's a good month to try it cause it's only 28 days hahahahaha I can't do starbucks though cause I just got a gift card! LOL I'll buy you one :) Send me the deets for my birthday party ;) cheeziemommie at yahoo dot com

Ashley said...

I'm sure my husband won't like it but were in. It's time we make a change before Hazel is old enough to wonder why were having McDonalds while she's having organic chicken and rice. Also I have come across some very scary facts lately.

Baja Fresh (one of our favorite places) may be fresh but is almost twice as fattening as going to McD's. The Baja Chicken Burrito I usually get has 790 calories and 38g of fay!!! 850c + 46g of fat for the steak!! My husbands Steak Bean and Chz burrito? A whopping 1030 calories with 43g of fat and 21g of saturated fat! This is more like a heart attack burrito!!! Everything on their menu is this bad. I was truly in shock after reading this on their web site...if you think that is bad check out Baja Fresh Burrito with a Chi Latte is enough calories for a whole day with enough fat grams for two!!

One good thing I came across is that Panda Express is extremely good in this department. Most every entree is around 250-300 calories with very little fat. Looks like I found a new favorite place!

Ashley said...

I just realized I left you a comment about as long as your post lol! Sorry to rant! I'm just totally with you on this one!

Anna said...

I'm in sister!!

Wilda said...

Uuuff! Oh Sarah! sound so hard but "doable".
I'm going to try it and let you know! Is so easy to go drive-thru riding with two little ones
I hope I can save some pounds when trying to save some $$!