Friday, February 6, 2009

Feb 6th

Just me and Isaiah for the whole weekend. Linda picked up Joshua and took him to Trona for the whole weekend. He was so excited to go see Granny and Papa. Oh yeah and his cousins..He had a blast although it did rain so he hung out with Auntie Linda and Granny while they cleaned out some closets and then he went to Aunt Carol's and played with his cousins. Linda took him to the horse corrals on Sunday and then to Auntie Joan's for dinner and to play with Uncle John. He had so much fun all weekend , He came home exhausted. Friday afternoon Raima and I went to the 32nd annual sportsman show out at the fairgrounds. It was very interesting. There was a fish tank with professional fisherman teaching techniques,a trout pond, lots of booths with cool stuff. We had a nice "date". Friday night I went to Linda and Rick's for poker night.

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