Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Joshua loves Mrs Sherry(MOPPETS) Tuesday I went to MOPS and it was great. Sue did her famous SEX talk. WOW. It was a lot of fun. We learned some and laughed. We also learned how to do a blanket stitch on a felt heart stocking.UGH That is clearly not my forte... I came home and Marlene,Diamond and Benji came over for a play date and we made lunch,the kids hung out, played and we made 20 Mickey's for Manoah's hot Cocoa on the 21st . I am trying to get ahead start on them . We also played outside for a long time. Supper club is so nice while we are outside enjoying ourselves and the kids were playing Eve pulls up and delivers my home made dinner. YUMMY. Chicken noodle soup and chocolate gnash cake. Now that is relaxing to know I can stay outside with Joshua and play as long as we wanted because dinner is made and delivered to my door with no worries. Last night we went to Target to get a couple of needed items Diapers,paper plates (for a craft from Carrie),waffle maker,and a 2 different kinds of binky's. UGH Isaiah is using me as a human pacifier and I want him to take a binky so bad but he just make a sour face and gags every time we give one to him. So we bought 2 more but different shaped and same thing he acts like we put ear wax on it before we give it to him. LOL . He makes the worst face.. What to do with this child that only wants my milk out of my boob... NO bottle NO binky.. I know it is just for season in my life but come on I need a little break ....LOL.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Sarah...I am going to teach your Mom how to do this.

Have a great day


Ashley said...

Hazel did the same thing..no way bottle, and no way binkie. It turned out that she was very independent and wasn't the type of baby who needed a lot of self comfort. She has given up nursing all by herself at one year old! Hopefully he is just an independent guy who knows what he wants! :)

Bonnie said...

Hey there just wanted to say Hi and I hope you win too. You'll have to talk to Mark he does the drawing. Of coarse you are going to have more entries then everyone else put together so your chances are pretty good! I would love to see you.

Sue Hamilton said...

So Sarah, tell me about the heart for MOPS on Tuesday. I love to do the blanket stitch! Sounds like you have a very full life! Hello to Joshua from Grandma Sue!