Monday, February 2, 2009

Dear Jesus

I just wanna say conviction! I have not been to church since Christmas Eve. Knowing that I needed to go but dreading the process of getting there. I woke up Sunday morning and laid Joshua's clothes out so he could get dressed,brushed his teeth for him because he is not doing a very good job lately,washed his face,helped him tie his shoes. Woke Isaiah up and changed him,washed him up,got him dressed. I took a super fast shower,got ready,dressed, put Isaiah in his carrier and out the door late but on our way. one grumpy 4 year old with a banana and apple juice,one 3 month old and infant car seat,one bible bag,one diaper bag,and no husband... UGh Raima is a work today. It felt like a really long morning. Once we got to church we were greeted by Pam's smiling face and a happy Sunday school class for Joshua. Great message,good fellowship,praise and some conviction. A good thing.... We left Church feeling energized and blessed. The best part of the day was when we were leaving our house to go to Nikki's for the super-bowl. Joshua said "Mommy say this,Dear Jesus". Mom 'Dear Jesus'. Joshua "I love you, Jesus and I give you my heart" Mom- 'I love you, Jesus and I give you my heart'. Joshua "Thank you for everything you are good" Mom- 'Thank you for everything you are good.' Joshua "Amen" Mom- 'Amen. Joshua that was a nice prayer thank you'. Joshua "You are welcome Mama! Jesus loves us Huh?" Mom- "Yes, son he does and never forget that ok!!!!" Joshua "I won't Mom I like church". I am SO glad I did not sleep in on Sunday . Thank you Lord for all you do in my life! SARAH

3d glasses for superbowl


Wilda said...

It is SO hard to do the rutine for us here on Saturday (when we go to church), but so rewarding at the end. You feel like you did the right thing for you and your kids. I know the feeling...getting ready is bad and the enemy knows it and make it so easy for us to stay... We are commited to go as well, we decide it here last year. Way to go! We'll be blessed!

Anna said...

super sweet Joshua !! love your post!!

Nancy said...

I am so happy that I will get to play with Josh on the slip and slide in heaven. I love that little boy!