Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am attempting to read a real book from cover to cover!

Today was MOPS one of my favorite days of the month. Each month we have a theme and this month the food theme was foods that kids love. I decided to make a dirt cake. It was super cute I put it in a flower pot with some flowers. Chocolate cake,chocolate pudding and smashed Oreo cookies on top. I will post a picture soon. You can also put it in a dump truck like I said yesterday a sand pail,or individual cups with candy worms. It turned out really well. Today we had a panel of women discussing home schooling. It was SUPER interesting. We also had a speaker on Kindergarten readiness . I enjoyed the morning!!!

I came home and cleaned up the house a little and worked on some Mickeys. I only have like 12 left YEAH......

This evening was book-club another one of my favorite days of the month. Coco came over and Baby-sat the boys. Raima is at work. She cleaned the kitchen, finished laundry,bathed Joshua and put him to bed,fed Isaiah cereal,took out my trash,organized my fridge,found my zip-lock stash in the laundry room. LOL,fed Pappy and Joshua dinner,gave Pappy his medicine and dessert. Now that is what I call a babysitter!!!!! and she is free!!!!!! I had dinner from supper club in the oven when I left but other than that she did the rest. Thanks Coco..... My sisters are fabulous. Linda was here too when I got home so the 3 of us visited and hung out for a little while this evening and it was nice. I don't know what I would do with out my sissy's / Thanks girls for always being there for me . Linda lives right around the corner from me and is here at the drop of a dime WHENEVER I need her. She always watches the kids, she picks up Pappy's laundry twice a week and drops it off clean and folded. I am very lucky to have both of you in our lives. My boys are even Luckier!

So my friend Carrie brought some books to book-club tonight. You see that sounds fine but we belongs to a scrapbook "book-club" not a reading book "book-club. She really wants me to start reading because I can shamefully say the only book I have ever read from cover to cover is The bridges of Madison County about 10 years ago. I do read my bible everyday and that is it!!! She has challenged me to read a book before next book-club meeting. I have accepted her challenge and chose The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve. She brought 3 books to choose from. This is the first one I am going to attempt. Thank you Carrie for the challenge. I have agreed that when I sit down to nurse Isaiah I will read this book. I will probably read it out loud to him as that is what I do with my Real Simple magazine I read while I nurse. I am going to try !!!

Speaking of challenges how is everyone doing on the No fast food?? I am doing great! I have only cheated one time and it was NOT my fault and I am NOt counting it!! LOL... I went to Costco with my friend Pam Goudge and she offered to buy Joshua and I a Costco dog. I explained to her that we would pass because it is No fast food February and She insisted that she buy our lunch. So I decided that it was OK because I was not spending my own money and if I were to go home and make lunch I really was going to have hot dogs. So we had a Costco dog and a soda . Thank you Pam for lunch. Other than that we have still had NO fast food and only had dinner in a actual restaurant one time this entire month. Pappy took us to Chinese food because his daughter from Missouri was here to visit. But it had no drive thru and it was a planned event. So how are you all doing ????

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