Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feb 15th

Saturday we didn't do much we hung out here and visited with Sissy and BBQ'd Ribs. After dinner we took Sissy to Ranch Market so she could see the cow head and to Crystal Palace so she could see inside and the bronze statues. She had a lot of fun.
Sunday we took Sissy back to the airport and Sarah Swan came over to get Joshua. They hung out at Moe's all day and Me and Isaiah hung at home. Raima went back to work on Sunday. Today we are going to make a dirt cake for MOPS tomorrow . My friend Carrie called this afternoon and gave me a fabulous idea. I am going to put it in a dump truck and take it to MOPS. YEah how cute! I will take a picture for you ! We are also going to Nikki's for dinner and making Flubber! (with borax and glue another great idea from Carrie) A nice inside activity on the gloomy day !!!

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Cheeziemommie said...

I love dirt cake! I've made it in flower pots with silk flowers stuck in and in sand pails and served it with a shovel :) and I always put gummy worms in!
I need to meet this friend Carrie of yours! SHe has some cute ideas!