Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feb 11th


Today Nicole came over to cut Pappy's hair and she hung out for awhile.She brought Joshua a Valentines movie and told him he was her sweetheart. He was very excited. I had supper club. I made ham and cheese puff pastry sandwiches and potato soup.I have been working on the Magical Cocoa all week. I have to a little at a time. With Isaiah you never know how long I have. Went to F and M fabric today to get the fabric and ribbon I need to complete my jars. We also went to the dollar tree to get Joshua some candy for is VALEMTIMES Party.. I love him!!!. We filled out his cards tonight and he wrote his name 26 times. WOW.... He did a great job. one time he just wrote JO and I said your almost done there "Joe". He just laughed my name is not Joe mom... LOL...He is so cute. He is doing much better on his name he stills had a little trouble with the "S" but other than that he has got it !!! Tomorrow Sissy arrives from Missouri. She is pappy's daughter. She will be here until Sunday! Friday is Taco Tuesday on Friday night LOL!!!

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