Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Year and Blogging

Whew....5 months went by too quick... I suck at blogging period!!! LOL

I tried I really did. I am not going to delete my blog but I am going to quit trying to keep up with the picture and the daily post that totally threw me off!!

I was rockin' before 365 started and I WILL NEVER attempt that project again I am still stressed out about last October.LOL

So as most of you who know me know my dad is very sick. I have been traveling to Trona alot to help my mom and to spend time with my dad.. My New Year Started in Trona with both my sisters, mom and dad. We had NEVER all been in the same place for New Years..It was nice.. We stayed in Trona until the 3rd and then came home. It is so sad to see my dad in this condition. It is the hardest thing I have ever done..

The 4th we got unpacked and PACKED!! The 5th I headed back to Trona and Raima and the boys headed to Orange County to see Grandma Rosie who is visiting from Samoa..Friday the 8th we both returned home to a LOT of laundry and much needed time together. Saturday I was Pooped! I was hanging around the house,grocery shopping for a house that had been EMPTY for weeks and had a HUGE surprise--- my best friend in the whole world showed up on my door step around 2pm. I guess she was sick of hearing me cry on the phone so she decided to come listen to it in person. HAHA.. Ve'a you were a fresh breath of air today and I love you dearly for coming and seeing me it was TOO short a visit as she was back on the road home to Nipomo by 9pm . BUt it was still a nice surprise and there is nothing in the world like hugging your best friend when you are sad..Thanks V..I love you!


Cindy Welch said...

Savor this time, try not to do so much. It will all be okay

Salai said...

Thank you Cindy!