Monday, January 18, 2010

Saturday Sunday MOnday

Saturday my friend Eve had the BABY GIRLS!! Yes I said girlS.. She had twin girls Sarah and Emma. Congratulations Brennan and Eve. I went to Memorial hospital Saturday morning and held the babies Eve looked great and the babies were nursing and healthy..I left the hospital and went to Winco to grocery shop.$205.00 later my cart full and so is my fridge and pantry. Raima made dinner this evening..He makes the best pork chops and rice. Nikki came over to hang out and have dinner. She made brownies for dessert and we watched- I can do bad by myself-...It was a great movie.. I cried!! What's new right???

Sunday we did not go to church:( We woke up late and it had been so long since I had slept in it actually felt good! Sunday evening I took Josh to Disney's Rockin' Road show @ Rabobank. Raima went back to work and Nikki watched Isaiah while we went to the show. It was last minute planning for those of you reading and wondering"why didn't you call me?? we would have gone with you!!"...HAHA.. Joshua was watching TV and came in and said that Disney show is in BAKERSFIELD mom...HAHA I called Rabobank and they had plenty of tickets.. So we got our tickets at the booth before the show and had a great time.. He loved the show and the time together with just him and I was nice.. Thanks Nik for watching Isaiah and Thanks daddy for workin' hard in this weather so we can go to Rabobank and watch Disney ...

Monday...Oh Monday.... We have cleaned all day because you guessed it the housekeeper is coming tomorrow!! I finished laundry and picked up lots of toys,trash and mail...Oh my!! It was super windy this morning when we woke up and then it rained and rained and rained some more... So needless to say it was good day to drink hot cocoa,play on facebook and watch every Disney movie in our collection...I made potato soup for dinner it was the perfect ending to this cold,dark day... Tomorrow Martha will be here !! YAY!!! She has not been here since the second week on December so my house is SCREAMING her name!! and so am I.....

Mops in the morning and bookclub in the evening ~~ Wish me luck! I really don't want to leave hibernation but I NEED to get out of here !!

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