Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3rd

Today I went to Lawhorns to help Carrie clean out her kitchen cabinets..FUN !! I love to organize and get rid of stuff..Especially other peoples stuff!! It is much easier to say do you really think you need that? If it isn't yours..LOL....We had a great time. She got rid of a lot of stuff for Goodwill and the kids played and played and played! We laughed until our belly hurt and Ty and Vaughn came over and hung out! All in All in a was great day! When we left there I dropped the kids off to Linda and headed to Sue's for our meeting about our Nashville trip! I can't wait to go to Nashville and attend the MOPS convention! I didn't have my camera today so I am gonna look through Carrie's pics and find one of the kids for today! HEEHEE

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