Wednesday, January 20, 2010

19th of Jan

Tuesday was BUSY!!!!! I woke and went to MOPS . Thank you Lord for Pajama day! That was nice because we all know I could live in my pajamas....Sue spoke on the five love languages.. We wrote in our joy and challenge journals and made flour sack cloths! We dipped cookie cutters in fabric paint and they turned out really cute. Mine was hearts for Valentine's day! I came home and Martha was workin'!! It is so nice to have a clean house. I love it when she comes. I put a beef roast in the crock pot and LInda stopped by the store on her way home to pick up some rolls(french dips..YUM!!). Linda babysat so I could go to bookclub. Bookclub was GREAT!! I laughed so hard at Debbie Launer I almost wet my pants...LOLOLOL... It was a good night out! Carrie and I stayed and chatted awhile and then home....When I got home Linda and the kids were hanging out watching Disney... The kitchen was all clean food put away! Kids happy!! Love it when she babysits.. Linda and I cried a little before she left..It is so hard to comfort each other when we are both sad..My dad's situation is confusing to us and it makes us so sad..We love you Dad! When Linda left I gotta a call from Carrie..LOL. She bought her husband Dan a Apple computer for Christmas and so now we both have Ichat!! We figured this out last night..Holy COW! That was fun! We Ichatted for a little while and made some funny effect faces at each other!! It was the perfect ending to a busy day!

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