Sunday, January 17, 2010


Tuesday the 12th, I packed up and headed to Trona. My sister Linda and Nicole were there for the weekend. We are trying to spread out time there so my mom is not alone with my dad. It is a lot of work and my mom does not want to be by herself. Raima stayed here with he boys...I am very grateful to have a supportive husband. He is the best! Believe me I thank the Lord for him all the time. When we (me and pappy) got to Trona my dad was sleeping.Yes pappy wanted to go to Trona so I packed up his stuff too and headed that way. My mom said he had a pretty good day. Wednesday the home health care nurse came out to change his catheter. She left and the catheter was not working...She called back later that afternoon and still no drainage. So she called the Dr. and he thought she should come back out reposition it and irrigate it to see if there was something wrong with the placement. So she came back out around 5pm and worked on it and thought it was in the right position and no blockage. So she called the Dr. and he wanted a blood panel drawn to make sure his kidneys were functioning??. Thursday morning the SAME nurse came back out and said she had done everything she could and for some reason it was not working. We called the doctor and decided that he had to go to the emergency room to get it fixed. We can not have him at home with out a working catheter. I called the ambulance and we headed to the emergency room. basically a long story short we were in the emergency room ALL day and it was finally fixed and the ambulance took him back home that evening. We got back home around 6pm. It was a very long day and my dad was exhausted and so were we. Friday morning I came back to Bakersfield and my sister Linda headed to Trona.

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