Monday, January 18, 2010


I unpacked and started some laundry. Joshua and Isaiah missed MaMa... All day they hung right by my side. We had a good day we watched Matilda and played some games... We waited for Auntie Nikki to get off work and Ray,Nikki and Joshua all went to see Avatar 3D. They said it was a awesome movie. They came home and we made brownie sundaes and hung out until bed time. It was a great day. Isaiah and I had a good time by ourselves while they went to the movies!! He is such a good boy and always smiling! Thank you to all that call and check on us during this time and offer to help. I know that I am not myself right now and I appreciate my friends and family who care ! If I haven't returned a phone call or am email it is not because I don't want to . It is hard for me to answer calls and emails when everything is in order and now that EVERYTHING is upside ALL the time it is even harder...Thanks again and continue to pray for my moms strength and for our family!

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