Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Supper club

today is wednesday and it is my day to cook....... Ugh... We are having BBQ ribs in the crock pot and root beer floats not too bad my husband helped me with the ribs and I took the easy way out on dessert tonight .. give me a break I have big belly!!!! My supper club is so fabulous..Here is how it works on tuesday Eve delivers dinner homemade to my family and Pam's family and wednesday I deliver to Eve and Pam . Pam then delivers dinner on thursday to both of us and that only leaves a couple night a week I actually have to cook myself... Being a stay at home mom and on a budget you have to eat at home every night to expensive other wise. So supper club is a good way to keep some fun and variation in dinner time. Other than that is has been a pretty quiet day Joshua went to preschool and he had to take chicken broth, onion and carrots because they are making stone soup. He is very excited about that. Nicole came over this afternoon and brought us lunch she went to Jake's Tex Mex.. YUM YUM Their salads are so yummy . After lunch she took Josh to her house to hang out until after dinner Yeah . it's quiet . Ray and Moe took our couches to weatherby's today so my living room EMPTY for a couple of weeks until we get our new couches back . Our couches had a manufacture defect and they are replacing them . Big Harv and Mary Crandall will be here tomorrow and I can't hardly wait . That is my Mom and Dad. Love them .

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