Thursday, October 23, 2008


The last couple of weeks have been great as far as meals... I have not cooked ONCE in 13 days how FAB is that. My MOPS group has brought meals everyday that Isaiah has been home excluding Saturday and Sunday and Auntie Nikki took care of us those days. I don't have to cook until October 30th. Except on the weekends. I am very GRATEFUL to have this ministry in my life. The girls are so nice, the meals have been super and the gifts and support I can not thank them enough. Thank you. We took Isaiah to Walmart today and there was no one taking pictures the girl was just standing there so we had her take his picture. Oh they were cute and the package was only $4.88. Not bad. Mona and Shorty came to visit today from Ridgecrest. Brooks had a DR apt and Mona brought Shorty to see Pappy and they stayed awhile to visit and play with Isaiah . It was nice to see Mona. Pappy bought us Pizza and we had lunch outside it was a very nice day to be outside. Isaiah even sat outside with us for a little while. Baby is crying Gotto Go!!!!!

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