Thursday, October 16, 2008

14 days since my last post

Sorry..... Ugh It has been a very long long 2 weeks. My Mom and Dad arrived. My phones all quit the same day. My belly was super huge. My son is a monster. My house was a wreck. My husband is my husband. Ugh . Finally October 10th we went to hospital to have our baby . We arrived at 5 am and was admitted to the triage for surgery. 8 am exactly we had a new baby boy he weighed 8 lb. and 2 oz. We named him Isaiah Maae Lefotu . He was just perfect. He did have a little problem he was have baby trembles and they though he had some bleeding in the brain . The did an ultrasound and blood work and everything was fine so the sent us home on Sunday . The 13th was a exciting day we brought our new baby home and granny and papa, Pappy and our new big brother was there to greet also the huge stork in the front yard(thanks Carrie). We were very happy to finally have him home and Joshua was very excited. He is a good baby he is nursing good and sleeping ok . The first couple of nights he slept good but last night oh man he wanted to have a party !!!! And i didn't feel like partying. Thank you for all that called and emailed and prayed for us while we were on our baby journey. Mom is tired and Dad is seeing just how much mom actually does around here . Hopefully I will be on more often I am feeling a lot better!!!

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