Friday, October 17, 2008

Got Milk?

Raima took Isaiah back to the Dr today to make sure his jaundice levels are going down . His levels were 9 and now they are 8 they have to be below 5 before they will circumcise him. I was proud of my hubby he took him all alone to the DR. That is a first . We picked up a pizza from King Leo's on the way home to get Joshua from preschool today . We are going to have his party there we decided today . Please mark your calendars Nov 1st. Saturday 7:30 p.m. . Especially Anthony!!!! He is top on our birthday list this year and his cu-tie patootie sister too.......We came home and it feels like all I have done today is Nurse, Nurse, Nurse and then Nurse some more. Ugh it is tiring but I know it is worth it I just keep trying to tell myself that..... We had dinner delivered from a lady in my MOPS group today her name is susan and it was the bomb!!! Lemon chicken, CousCous and rolls with chocolate cake,, I haven't had to cook all week and that has been super great!!!! Joshua is adjusting to being a big brother . He is just always in the mix . Helping with burping, bath, changing and just anything he can try to help with . It is frustrating but I am being very kind to him I know his world has been turned upside down the last couple of days .. Ray went back to work tonight and I have cried for 2 hours... I want him home but I know he has to work . I wish he didn't I can't wait for these 4 days to go by so he can be home with me. I guess I will sign off now Boobs and all and I mean Boobs WOW they are big and full and I feel like a milk machine. !!!!

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Cheeziemommie said...

hahahaha you are so funny girl!
i'm glad you all are adjusting well to life as a family of four! please lemme know if you need anything! I need to get my hiney over there to meet the new lil man!