Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well here it goes.... I am a virgin blogger and this is my first entry. I am excited about getting a blog started. I usually keep a daily journal so I guess I will just do it on the computer from now to share.... Went to the hospital yesterday for my Dr apt. and We (Ray josh and Myself) were there for 4 and half hours Ugh . I had an ultra sound and it showed the baby was 7 10 oz and then I saw Dr. Klis and he checked my cervix and it was a big 0. I had to have a non-stress test and then blood work . My blood pressure was high so I had to lie on my side for 30 minutes and recheck pressure . It was still high so he put me on bed rest. Now we are just waiting for toxemia results to come back . So needless to say today I am very bored..... Thought I would start my blog since I have to stay in bed for the next couple of weeks. Ugh only 10 more days and we will have baby Isaiah. I think that will be the little guys name not sure yet though.

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