Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22nd Fish Tacos

We had Linda, Brett, Jaime, Wayne, Nicole, Caleb, Ray, Pappy, Joshua, Isaiah, Martha and myself over for Martha's famous fish tacos and my fish taco sauce that is so good you can drink it. I know I know I am a crazy lady when stuff goes on sale..I always stock up and tilapia for 1.98 a pound? It is time to stock up I bought 20 pounds gave them 2 twenties and headed home to bag it up!!I put like 10 filets to a quart size ziplock . When we wanna grill fish or have fish tacos I always have it in my freezer..

Fish Tacos

corn tortillas 2.00
1 head shredded cabbage 1.00
salsa- homemade free make friends with some one who makes good salsa LOL
fish taco sauce- follow recipe below
tilapia 1.99 a pound 8 pounds for 16.00
flour 2 cups - staple item
milk 2 cups - staple item
eggs 2 eggs - staple item

mix flour, eggs and milk together to make batter. season fish really well with favorite seasoning we used old bay. Then dip in batter and fry fish until crispy!

2 cups of mayonnaise staple item
1 cup sour cream 1.00
6 avocados 6.00
1 bunch of cilantro .33
1 purple onion .50
1 the juice of 2 limes .20
1/2 serrano pepper IDK like .5
salt to taste staple item

throw it ALL in the blender and YUM-Oh!!!!! This sauce is GOOD!

dinner total 27.08 divided by 12 still a pretty cheap dinner 2.25 a person! and we had plenty left for Ray to take to work and pappy to have leftovers when we are camping!

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