Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14th Cheater CHILI

When I make Chili I make a bunch!!! I made chili in May when my mom was here and we had SO much leftover I put it in a gallon freezer bag in into my deep freezer. I am going to put it in my crock pot this morning and we are going to have YUMMY chili for dinner ...and guess what NO WORK!!! Just turn on the old crock pot!

I am going to post my moms chili recipe because it really is good. I always double or sometimes triple it because it freezes SO well and it is so easy to put it in the crock pot and have dinner ready!!

1 block of XLNT chili (found in the deli section of MOST grocery store) When it goes on sale 2 for 5 I STOCK up. It freezes well
2 pounds of seasoned ground beef(I season with a chili packet)
1 chopped onion
2 large cans of diced tomatoes
2 cans of green ortega chilis
1 can of kidney beans
2 large cans of pinto beans

2.50 for XLNT
4.00 for ground beef
.50 for chili packet
.50 for onion
1.98 for 2 cans of tomatoes
3.00 for chilis
.33 for kidney beans
2.00 for pinto beans

14.81 for a Large crock pot FULL of Chili. We will eat dinner for 3 nights. The first night we will just have chili, the 2nd night we will have chili dogs and the 3rd night I will make chili mac!!

14.81 divided by 5= 2.90 Even if we just had it for one night that is a pretty cheap dinner!!

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