Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aug 12th

Dinner at the Lawhorns. Carrie and Dan invited us over for a BBQ. We had Rib eye steak,shrimp,mashed potatoes,pasta salad, asparagus, and pineapple. It was a great evening with friends. Carrie and I have become really good friends in the last year. Our lives are very similar. She is married and has 3 children. We both lost our fathers this year while we were expecting our 3rd baby. We love to scrapbook, We both graduated in 96 and come from small towns. She is very easy going and low maintenance. The list goes on and on ;-) Just the kind of friend to have when you are raising a family. If we don't talk for a week or even two. We pick up the phone and we don't have to explain to one another why??. I love it when people say WOW we haven't talked in a while. I have tried calling!! I left several messages!! PLEASE, If I had time to locate a phone I would have picked it up and if I would have got the message.... I would have called you back. No, I did not do it on purpose No there is No reason!! I have a husband with a ODD schedule, a 93 yr. grandfather that takes a lot out of my day. and 3 BOYS all under the age of 5. So what I am trying to say is I appreciate low maintenance friends !! Thanks Carrie. You are a great friend to have and I have really enjoyed our summer of FUN!! The summer of LOVE was way better but we both got knocked up!!..LOL

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Anonymous said...

I agree. I have had a great summer as well. Thanks for the nice description of me. The plate does look really nice you are right. I must agree the summer of love was a GREAT summer.