Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 10th

Well tonight I made fried zucchini and baked pork chops. I made the kids spaghettios and fruit cocktail. I NEVER hardly make them something different but I only had 2 pork chops and pappy doesn't really care for meat any way. So Ray and I had pork chops and zucchini and the kids did love the fruit and spaghettios I made them. Pappy had green olives, 2 green onions, 1 sliced home grown tomato and fried zucchini. He does that some times! LOL

The zucchini was given to us from Martha's garden
pork chops- 3.50 from fresh and easy on the clearance section
tomatoes- free from Martha's garden
fruit cocktail-.50 2 for a dollar at Manny's
Spaghettios- 1.00 for the big can at 99 cent only store on Mt Vernon! I stocked up bought 20 cans LOL
cream of mushroom soup. .33 from Manny's 3 for a dollar I think I bought EVERY one they had!!!
fresh mushrooms 1.00

I breaded the zucchini in flour and a little parmesan cheese and fried them in peanut oil. THey were DELISH!
I baked the pork chop in cream of mushroom soup and fresh mushrooms sliced
I opened the can of fruit cocktail and spaghettios..LOL

6.33 divided by 5 1.26 for a really GOOD dinner

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