Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16th

I took the leftover KFC and 2 jars of chicken gravy. I put the chicken on a baking dish and poured the gravy over the top. smothered chicken... YUM OH!!! My friend Nikki did this at our house one evening with leftover fried chicken and NOW every time we have leftover chicken I make it! I also made a green salad, noodles with butter and green beans..

gravy-99 each
tomato- 25
1 package of whole wheat noodles-75 at Manny's I bought 6 packages.
1 stick of butter- staple item
1 can green beans-39

total for dinner .89 a person 4.39 for the total...WOW

I didn't take a picture but it was sure yummy .....

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