Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a Safari with Survivor Man-21st

This morning we woke and Wayne has the flu-Yuck.
Everyone else except for Myself and Isaiah and of course sick boy went to little falls big falls.They hiked to the falls and jumped off the rocks.fished for salamanders and brought them home in an ice chest.Saw a bear and some deer.It was a great adventure.. Raima cracked us up when they all got back to camp he said they had went on a safari with survivor man (Brett). I had a good time at camp with Isaiah we cleaned up a bit and listened to music. I gave him a bath in the sink and he took a little nap while mom had a couple of Smirnoff Ice. It was a good day. Raima made tacos for dinner and Linda and I went in to town to get ice and Wayne some medicine.

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