Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22nd

We are having a fabulous time at Lake Lopez. This morning we decided to launch the boat and go tubing. So we all pile in and pack up for a fun filled day! Ice chests, easy ups, and the boat. We are sure to have a good time. Well.... we get to the boat launch along with 25 others(literlly) and get in line to launch! There is a man at the bottom of the launch with 2 jet skis. He is taking a LONG time and has lots of people waiting!. We patiently wait for this very slow man to finish and as he was pulling his truck up the launch to park he drove by us and shouted to us how stupid he thought we were and that we should have used the middle launch instead of waiting also calling us some not very nice names. Now I am not sure if you know who I am married to or what he looks like, but he is a very large samoan man and my sisters husband is just as big and tall. In my opinion not a very smart thing to say to 2 very large men. Let alone their families. So Wayne gets angry and Ray as always kinda keeps his cool.(First I just wanna say I dont know why this man would say these things knowing that he has to walk back down the launch ALONE and get his jet skis. That was the biggest mystery.) So as he is walking back down the launch he immedialty starts to apologize and explain what a bad day he has had and how sorry he is .... Wayne explains to him that he is "going to be sorry in a minute pal" if he does not get his butt down the ramp and get his "crap" out of our way.I am using my blog profanity sensor today for sure. Wayne also pokes the man in the chest (a couple of times)!! Oh my he was now really sorry that he had spoke to us like that and scared. There was a ranger close by and ended up taking a report and the man moved his jet skis. We launched our boat and we were off for a some tubing. we laughed about it all day. "your gonna sorry in a minute Pal" about everything ALL DAY!!. Isaiah your gonna "be sorry in a minute" if you don't take a nap. Joshua your gonna "be sorry in a minute" if you don't behave. and so on and so on . So we have a new family joke. Your gonna be sorry in a minute Pal!!!

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