Friday, March 13, 2009

Where do you Camp?

Pictures in the almond orchards and after we had an Ice cream at Dewars.Today Nikki and I took Joshua to get pictures of in the orchards. Carrie sent me some pictures of her kids and WOW they are SO nice. I was so excited to take Joshua's out there. Not a whole lot planned for the week. Raima is off and we are going to organize the garage. Hang out and BBQ.Do some much needed yard work and Get the trailer ready to go camping this summer. We have a couple of trips planned. 1. June Lake in June with the Lefotu crew 2. Lake Casitas in August to play at the water park 3. Lake San Antonio during spring break 4.??? Some where fun. Where do you camp??? We would love to tag a long with some one and try out our new trailer! You are also welcome to tag along with us on any of our trips. The more the merrier. It is fun to camp with people you know!


Anna said...

mammoth babey! killer hiking and FANTASTIC views.

Salai said...

AWW. We love Mammoth too. My husband is staying at a cabin there in April for the trout opener!!