Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Wednesday was my cooking day and I made tri-tip and broccoli and Raima and I did some work in the trailer. Isaiah is still teething. He eats cereal twice a day. Joshua is doing good in pre-school and he can write his name better everyday. He loves to sing and dance and he loves to play the WII and play outside with his buddy Anthony. Pappy is getting ready to go to Missouri . He went to the heart doctor yesterday and got a good report. He doesn't have to go back for a year. The hearing aid doctor came out last week to pick up his hearing aid and fix it. He is scheduled for an Eye exam next week and the cancer doctor the following week. I also had to call his oxygen supplier to see if they can deliver to Missouri and they can not. So he has to purchase oxygen while he is out there and they will reimburse him. So I will call and get that set up some time next week. Raima and I are trying to get our trailer ready for camping. It is our 8th anniversary next week and we ALWAYS like to take a nice trip somewhere just the two of us. This year we have a 17 pound problem. HAHA his name is Isaiah and he can't get very far from his milk truck so we are trying to plan a family trip instead this year??.We were and still may go to Disneyland depending on how quick we can get this trailer fixed. If we do get the trailer fixed in time we want to try and go camping somewhere??We are thinking Lake San Antonio but if not Disneyland will defiantly do.

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