Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17th

Caleb Kern County Science Fair.Tuesday was a very busy day. I woke early and went to MOPS and it was GREAT. We had Norman Wright speak which was a huge privilege as he is a well known Christian author and Counselor. I absolutely loved him. He offered some books after and because I am a READER now LOL. I purchased a few and am excited to start them. Tuesday afternoon I went to Rabobank arena to see Caleb get a his award for the Kern County Science Fair. Congratulations Caleb. Tuesday evening was another one of my favorite days of the month Book-Club. We had a Green feast and hung out and chatted. I did accidentally hit format on my camera at Book-Club and erase over 500 pictures from my memory card. With a tear. I hope they can be recovered I dropped it off at Henley's this afternoon and he will let me know by tomorrow what he comes up with. I had around 300 backed up but the rest were not. Our trip to Big Bear and 9 of my 365 days lost. I was really sad. Raima volunteered in Joshua's class Tuesday and Wednesday. Joshua loves it when his dad goes to school with him.

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